December 2nd, 2015
CPK Mobfaction Week!


To be clear this is Hellraider, Hellreaper, Hellripper, and Voroderms.

Starting now and lasting until Wednesday at 6am eastern:

  • Four times the gold when defeating a CPK mobfaction.
  • Special medal for defeating 10 CPK mobfactions this week.
  • You are awarded an action figure collectors item for defeating 10 CPK mobfactions.
  • Special 'annihilated' instead of 'killed' CPK ledger for all CPK this week.
  • Score shows your CPK mobfactions kills so far this week.
  • GAMEINFO shows the top 20 players so far.
  • There will be more of these mobfactions than usual.
  • The top 20 players listed on GAMEINFO at 6am Wednesday morning will each receive a special medal!

-The Medievia staff

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