August 4th, 2014
Double Experience Week!


You gain twice the experience as normal until Monday at 6am.

Starting this week and lasting all month we will be making many changes to the new player experience:

  • SPONSOR - Help sponsor explains this major change which is also a 20% donation token discount for all players.
  • ADOPT - A way to adopt new players directly into your free bloodline slots.
  • CLIENT - Here we need help. We need a new MudMaster install created and tweaks made to the scripts for the adventure channel, no longer sending nortH when someone hits N, etc. The way MM installs the font and sets things up is awesome. It just needs a few tweaks and repackaging.
  • RECRUITMENT - Player advertisement drive starts soon and managed by Soleil. We will be giving away tokens and medals to players who post flyers, create Medievia links on sites, and advertise Medievia. There will be an announcement soon. This will start right after SPONSOR and ADOPT and the email changes are in.
  • Channel changes - The current channel warning and training works well and has greatly reduced gagging and issues. The problem is it is not friendly enough. All of this will change soon so that it works just as well but is less frustrating and glaring to the experience.
  • LEARN the Future - One of the new LEARN topics will direct you to learning about the future, which gives you a medal as it explains the plans for pets, player businesses, abodes, planets, and so on. It is important new players know the grand vision.
  • Email changes - Players will have the ability to decide what emails to allow, monthly changes summary emails, news, clan news, town news, bloodline news, etc. Clan leaders will not know your email address but they will be able to email everyone who allows it, same with town leaders, bloodlines, planet owners, and even your pet, and the DM may wish to email you on occasion if you allow it.
Email me with any new player experience ideas you may have. Thank you to the many who have already sent ideas in.

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