April 28, 2014
Fae Crab Bounty Week!

Fae Crab Bounty Week!

Starting now and lasting until Monday at 6am:

  • Killing a Fae Crab earns you a special medal.
  • Captaining a ship that returns to dock with fae from 50+ Fae Crabs earns you a special medal.
  • Fae Crabs are worth at least 40,000 fae per crab.
  • Experience for Fae Crabs is DOUBLE this week!
The top three captains to return to dock successfully with the most Fae Crab kills will each earn a new special medal and 100,000 gold!

SHIP STATUS shows how many Fae Crabs have been killed and is reset once Fae is transferred off the ship.

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