Medievia Mudslinger

December 30, 2000

How to Find and Choose a Clan - By Choja

If you are reading this article, then I am assuming that you are a young and brash adventurer that came to this fine world not too long ago, seeking companions and friends to accompany you in your quest for great glory. Or perhaps, you have recently abandoned (or were abandoned) by the clan that you had belonged in. Whatever your situation, I sincerely hope my following words will assist you in your quest to find true companionship with whom you can pillage elven cities with - or torch down orcish dwellings, whichever takes your fancy.


If you are a newcomer to Medievia, then I welcome you to this world. Your first clan in this early stage of your Medievian life is likely to be the New Adventurer's Guild (or otherwise known as clan 50). This clan is made available to you when you have reached level two, and you may join or quit this clan at any time simply by typing in NEWBIE at the prompt. There are many similarities between the new adventurer's guild and other clans, the most obvious being the ability to clantalk. However, this guild (also known as clan 50) is different in that it's often "manned" by many avatars and celestial beings, all of whom are dedicated in helping out newbies. Since this guild's prime intention is only to get a new player on its feet, all the characters are automatically removed from the clan once they have attained 20+ levels. It is likely that you'll be seeking a new clan at this time who is there to not only guide you throughout the game, but also to provide you with social warmth.

A clan in the game can consist of up to 51 members who work together to achieve the same objectives and goals, helping each other to whatever ends and supporting each other in times of needs. It is essentially comparable to you and your group of friends in your real life. Because of this, harmony among members should be of paramount concern. Most clans only enroll people if they are at least level fifteen. Despite this statement, do not get carried away in your rush to level, for the cost of enrolling a character increases with each level (although this isn't a critical point as some clans only enroll heroes who are level 124). A good level to be enrolled in most clans is about level seventeen or eighteen. Outlined below are the five steps involved in finding your place in Medievia.


There are many different types of clan, and all clans differ from another in at least some minor way. However, in terms of the major functions, clans can be grouped into the following major categories: PKing, EQ runs, Trade Runs, Combing, Running Dragonlairs, Newbie Training, and finally Socializing. Hopefully, by this time, you would have an inkling of an idea as to what type of clan you'd like to be enrolled in.

PK, or player killing, is a major part of Medievia. It is unlikely that you will never be exposed to this activity during your Medievian life. A clan that is heavily oriented towards PKing will likely offer its members a myriad of opportunities in improving their experiences and skills in PKing other players, or perhaps in avoiding or retaliating against other PKers. This is a useful skill to have, considering much of the best equipment in the game and the best experience points are located in player killing areas. The best possible usage of PK skills are during CPK. This is when you are allowed to loot from your opponent's body once you have successfully killed them. Often, you may gain great and powerful items this way, thereby giving you a (somewhat irregular) source of income. The best thing about PK is there's virtually no limit on what level or what class is desired. All classes and most levels can learn to PK aggressively or defensively (although it does not mean that all classes PK the same way or adopt the same strategy).

EQ running
EQ stands for equipment in the game. A clan that is heavily focused on running EQ zones will likely desire only high level thieves who can sneak (preferably multi-classers who can cast spells and sneak). If you are enrolled in this type of clan, you will likely be taught the secrets to many different zones as well as the whereabouts of certain elite and powerful items in the game. Once you have been taught the elite EQ zones, running them then selling those items will bring in a large and steady source of income.

Trade Running
Trade runs involve buying goods from one trade post and selling them at another at a higher price, thereby obtaining profits. These merchant types of clans will require its members to do trade runs often. If you are enrolled in this type of clan, you will be learning the intricacies of how to lead and run a successful trade run, and how to avoid or face dangers. With time and practice, trade runs will also likely take less time leading to quicker profits. The best classes for this type of clan would probably be mages and clerics - as they can cast mass refresh (an ability critical in a trade runs). No matter what class, it is imperative that if you do join such a clan, you should have a lot of time allocated to Medievia in one block (at least 2 or 3 hours if possible).

The catacomb eggs represent the backbone of the story behind Medievia. With these eggs, you may extend the life of an item, obtain more practice sessions, or to multi-class. Selling the eggs that you have obtained from the catacomb will also bring in a steady supply of income. Being in the combing type of clan will expose you to different tricks in order to hasten your cache of eggs, which may include knowing whether the number of eggs on a particular mob/monster is worth the time and effort in killing it. Officially (as recommended by the game's hint channel), combers should at least be level 25. In terms of single classers, thieves are also better suited to combing, as their PEEK skill can reveal whether or not a mob carries eggs (not all mobs have eggs).

Running Dragonlairs
There are also clans that dedicate itself to the destruction of the dragonkind (so to speak). This clan is aimed at running dragonlair forms. Killing a dragonlair dragon will give the participants dragonhides (to make powerful items with) and the leaders a sum of money. If you also manage to kill a ruby dragon successfully, you will also be able to sell your ruby hide for an extraordinary sum of money. To join a dragonlair form, you will need to be at least a high level character of your current class, and it is preferred that you are a triple class and have a large amount of HP (as least 800). Joining a clan which is focused on killing dragons may assist you in locating good equipment for your character to match the required stats for your character.

Newbie Training
These types of clans do not specialize in any particular skills. Instead, they are the "all-rounder" type of clan. They expose its members to most areas described as above, teaching the basics of the game. Since its members are unlikely to be high enough level or skill to do the specialized activities outlined above, the aim of the clan is basically to increase the knowledge, skill and ability of its members. As such, these types of clans may also be described as "exp'ing clans". This type of clan is probably among the most common in the game.

These types of clan place an emphasis on the social part of the game - talking. While becoming a hero is an aim for most people, some also enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting back and relaxing, whilst having a nice chat with others. There are no specific skills to learn or to be taught in these types of clan other than what specific people in the clan might be willing to pass onto others.

Note: while the above describes a clan's major activity, the clan is also likely to be involved in other types of activities in the list. Just because a clan that excels in EQ runs does not mean it doesn't teach something about PKing. As a result, there are clans that may excel in more than one of the above areas in the game. When a clan has significant ranks in any/some/all of the 5 major clan ratings (ie. Clantown, experience, EQ, egg and TR), they are likely to gain what is known as the HP Bonus. Some people join clans for its high HP bonus as these bonus are passed directly onto the clan members of that clan. For example, if I (prior to joining a clan) have a HP of 476 and later joins a clan that gives 13 bonus HPs, my new HP will now become 489 (476 + 13). It should be noted that while a high HP bonus looks nice, if you are constantly arguing and bickering with other clan members and find yourself turning off the clantalk channel 90% of the time, then I would recommend another clan. However, this is up to your discretion as a player. If your goal as a Med player involves sacrificing the social aspect of the game, then so be it. Just remember that a clan that's in harmony with lots of good players would likely have a considerable HP bonus in any event - and with time and YOUR contribution, it might even rise significantly!


Now that you have decided in what type of clan you wish yourself to be in, there are many methods of locating a clan that fits the profile of your dream clan. Below are the different methods that may be used.

Visiting the clan website
From you can locate a list of links to different clan websites. You may visit those websites and within those pages, you may be able to read upon the clan ideologies and its main purpose. The clan websites may also outline any enrollment requirements and/or clan rules, so you would know what stats and skills you would need before applying, and what to expect once you have joined the clan.

Using the different information gathering commands in the game
For clans whose prime function is part of the clan rating (i.e.. EQ, egg/comb, TR, exp), you will be able to use the SHOWCLAN command to obtain a sorted list (from the best to the worst). For an explanation on how to use this command, simply type in SHOWCLAN at the prompt. Once you have obtained a list of clans, you may then choose to contact the clan in the given order. Locating a dragon hunting clan is a bit trickier. Type in WHO DP to bring up a list of heroes online at the moment from the person with the most dragon points to the least. After browsing through the list, you may then choose to contact the person at the top, or perhaps you might wish to contact the clan that has a lot of people near the top. It is up to you.

Asking friends
This is a method used by a significant number of people. Basically, you ask your friends who have already been enrolled in a clan what's the overall function of their clan and compare that with what you want to be enrolled in. If it is similar enough then you will be able to ask if you can join that clan.


Once you have found the clan that you wish to be enrolled in, it is now time to contact them. Once again, there are many ways of approaching a clan in order to be enrolled. They are outlined below.

My first recommendation in contacting a clan is ask to your friends (or people whom you have formed with in the past) who have already been enrolled in that clan, and get them to ask their leaders (or whoever does the enrollment for the clan). Having a friend in the clan means you're more likely to be accepted by others and hence allow you to integrate into the ranks of the group more easily.

A second option in contacting a clan would be to ask the avatars who are already enrolled in the clan in question. In your time as a newbie adventurer, you would have (hopefully) communicated with some avatars in the game. During this period of communication and learning, it's probable that both you and the avatar might have gained an understanding of each other. It should be noted with care that if you wish to query an avatar about joining their clan, please link them in medlink then telepath them that way (or send messages via post office, or using imps with the MESSAGE command). It is illegal for an avatar to use his/her ability to directly telepath any single class characters in regards to enrollment. The avatar's telepath ability is solely reserved for assisting players with game-mechanics related queries. In addition, avatars are not allowed to be actively seeking out someone in the newbie clan in regards to the same issue of enrollment.

Yet another method for contacting the clan is through the use of the CLANWHO command. Type in CLANWHO * (where the * represent a clan's number - eg. CLANWHO 11) to see if there is anyone in the clan who is online at the time. Once you have obtained a list of people who are online in the clan that you wish to join, go to medlink and link anyone from the list. Tell the person that you wish to join their clan and were wondering whether he/she could enroll or not (if he/she can, then great; if not, then ask them who should you contact).

Finally, if you really have no preferences for any types of clan (or you simply don't know what to choose), then a final option that is to simply shout out in the main courtyard of Medievia City (or gossip in medlink) "I want to join a clan - is anyone enrolling"? Please realize that if you use this method, you are at a higher risk of giving up on your clan because you don't know anyone in the clan (which leads to loneliness or boredom), or you might eventually leave the clan because your existing friends are enrolled in another clan. The above words are not to put off locating a clan this way, but simply to inform you of the risks involved in this method. From experience, enrolling through this method tend to be more goal-oriented than social-oriented.


Now that you've possibly found the clan in which you'll belong to for (hopefully) a very long time, is it really the right clan for you? While your friends might be in the clan in question, it doesn't mean that the clan is good for YOU! After all, everyone's different in some way and what your friend might not mind or care about doesn't mean you won't either.

Prior to the actual enrollment, many clans have what's known as the enrollment process. Think of this as the interview for a job - you and the interviewer would discuss issues (not necessarily work related - or in this case, Med- related) and if the views are similar enough, then the actual enrollment takes place. It is imperative that during this session, you get to know and understand what the clan will do for you and what its values are, and ask yourself whether that's truly what you want. Similarly, the clan would surely question your worth to the clan's overall goal and hence query what contributions you might make. Be truthful to any questions asked of you and be sure to let the clan know your thoughts. There's no point lying how you are able to be online everyday to play Med if you can only play twice or three times a week. Conversely, the clan that's doing the enrolling should also be truthful to any questions you pose them. There are really no benefits to be gained by either side in lying - enrolling the wrong type of people into a clan only wastes clan resources and the player's time.

Some clans also have clan rules - they may include giving the clan a percentage of your profit per trade run or learning and leading zones at certain stages of your life in the clan etc. You should be aware of these rules and should query about them during the interview. Make sure you understand them and don't be afraid to ask if you're uncertain what a specific rule might mean. Clan dues are also pretty common in the game. This can be likened to you joining some sort of club where monthly membership fee is required. What this means is that you will need to pay an amount of gold on a regular basis to the clan (amounts and frequency of payment differ from clan to clan). If you are wondering what a clan might need money for, then type in HELP CLANCOST.

It should be noted that you need not feel compelled to give your decision IMMEDIATELY after the interview. Feel free to take a day or two to ponder whether the goal of the clan is compatible with yours, or even seek out other clans and see what they've got to offer! Consider some indirect factors, such as seeing if there's anyone in the clan that you may not get along really well because of something that has happened in the past. In all of these situations, it is recommended that you communicate with the person whom you've been talking to in the clan and see if some sort of solution can be worked out to resolve these issues.

Finally, if the clan that you're considering to join isn't even intending on interviewing you, I would suggest that you request one. It may not even need to be interview-like, but you should talk with someone high in the clan to get an idea of what's expected of you. The only circumstances when such a session might not be needed is if the person doing the enrollment is already well aquainted with you. In my humble opinion, if a clan doesn't even bother to conduct a basic interview, then it probably won't give a flick about you or your thought once you are enrolled.


After you have been enrolled, your work does not stop there! Like in real life and among your circle of friends, you don't just receive and not give - you are expected to contribute whatever you can (at least that you said you would commit to during the interview). Over time, you may even rise to great ranks in the clan if you've been doing well and have been consistent in your contribution. Think of a clan as a family. Welcome those that are new and lead them well. Overall, I cannot say or judge if you have been successful in your choice of a clan, but if you feel content and happy or simply satisfied, then I would say you've at least reached close to your mark.

Now that I've mentioned the good things, here comes the bad. There are times when all good (or bad) things must come to an end. Clans, like people, evolve as time goes by. The focus of the clan might change, the leadership role might be handed to another person, or the rules and beliefs of the clan itself might alter. Eventually, you may find yourself no longer compatible with the clan that you are in. The magnitude of difference between a player and his/her clan may be small, in which case you might be able to resolve it without difficulty. However, when this magnitude is quite significant (e.g.. You may like to PK people, but your clan's focus has shifted from PKing to newbie training), you may have little choice but to change clan.

Another important factor in deciding whether or not you might need to change clan is clan harmony. As was mentioned earlier in the article, if you find yourself often at odds with other people in the clan or town, then it would be wise to attempt to resolve the differences. However, if the parties involved cannot reach a solution or compromise, then it might be necessary for one or several of you to leave the clan and find another home.