Medievia Font Installation in MudMaster Console (full-screen)

Replacing the full-screen console font is a bit trickier then replacing the windowed console font. The console font is stored in a file in your your windows/system32 directory (or winnt/system32 directory) called EGA.CPI. This file is loaded when Windows boots up, and is always in use, so you can't directly replace it. The following instructions should allow you to install the Medievia font, but this process involves replacing a Windows system file. If you don't understand the instructions, please don't attempt to install the font. You follow this process at your own risk; Medievia assumes no liability whatsoever for anything you do to your PC in an attempt to install the font.

Follow the steps below to install the Medievia font:

  1. Download the following files to someplace you'll remember. We'll assume you've downloaded them to c:\medfont
  2. Open a command prompt (start-run-cmd, or find it under accessories)
  3. Change to the windows\system 32 directory by typing cd \windows\system32M
  4. Make a backup copy of ega.cpi. ALWAYS back up system files before replacing or modifying them. Type: copy ega.cpi ega.orig
  5. Use "inuse" to replace ega.cpi with Medievia.cpi Type: c:\medfont\inuse c:\medfont\medievia.cpi ega.cpi
  6. This will give you an "are you sure?" type prompt. Type: yes.
  7. Reboot your computer

When you open a full-screen console window, you should now have the Medievia font installed. Note that you won't see any difference unless you're on Medievia or are looking at something using high ascii.

Remember to type "map font 4" on the game.

A couple of notes:

  • As far as I (Ozymandias) know, this should also work for Windows 2000 and Windows NT. I have no way to verify this, however, so your mileage may vary. Windows 95, 98, and Me also use CPI files, and I don't know of a reason why the replacement wouldn't work there, but again, I've no way to try it.
  • For players in regions other than North America, this CPI file is essentially code page 437. Since other code pages remap the high-ASCII set to provide accented characters, and we've already taken over pretty much the entire high- ASCII set, there's no point to providing other code pages.
  • If you have any problems with the new CPI file, or you wish to go back to the Windows CPI file, the following command will replace the modified one with the copy that you made in the backup step above: c:\medfont\inuse ega.orig c:\medfont\medievia.cpi

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