Medievia Font Installation in MudMaster Console (in a window)

If you're using the console version of Mud Master, you can still use the Medievia font, but it is a bit more involved to set up. Follow the directions below to get started...

There are two versions of the installation program. Choose the one you would prefer and follow the directions therein:

  • MedFont.exe - console version (command line) of the console font switcher
  • MedFontWin.exe - windows version of the console font switcher

MedFont is command line driven. It takes the following syntax:

  • MedFont - resets your console font to the default
  • MedFont Med - selects the smaller medievia font (8x12)
  • MedFont Large - selects the larger medievia font
  • MedFont ? - displays the above summary
MedFontWin puts up a dialog box which lets you choose between default, small, and large.

At this time, the only font these programs work with is Medievia.fon.

Please note that you can only use the custom font when running MudMaster in a console window. If you're running full screen, you're using a font that's in your video card's ROM, and we cannot replace it with the Medievia font.

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