Medievia MM2k6 Keypad Webpage Walkthrough

This script turns your keypad into your best friend, for both walking and flying
It is included with the MM2k6 Build 32 install found in the Clients section, otherwise it is available here:

To load: in MudMaster, click "Script" then "Read Script" and open the file. It will look something like this:

From there you must locate and click "Open". By default these will be included in the MM2k6 Build32+ download from this site. The file will automatically be placed inside a folder called "Scripts" located inside the MudMaster folder.

Step 1, Movement and Macros
Here is how you use the optional movement keypad included in the Medievia MM2k6 Install
First, we will start with a picture of a standard keypad:

Look familiar?
Here's how it looks as an ansii drawing:

Keypad movement scripts are generally very basic scripts. They usually include movement in all directions, and generally a few simple extra buttons to allow for faster fighting as well. This is just like any of those, very basic movement, and some extra keys to help fight.
Here is the layout of the Keypad with all of the buttons labelled:

The North, South, East, West, etc will move you that direction.
Holding alt+direction will cause you to cast ETHEREAL in that direction.
Holding ctrl+direction will cause you to cast FARSIGHT in that direction.
The keys do as labelled, except for 2 exceptions. One exception is the "Open Doors" key. As you are running through Medievia, occasionally you come across a boundary of some sort. A door, a gate, a hatch, something. When you try to walk in the direction of that boundary, you can be told that it is shut. Like this:
The door seems to be closed.
This script will remember the direction you walked and what type of obstacle it is. In this case, a door. When you press the "Open Doors" key, it will try to do this:
open (obstacle) (direction)
An example would be:
open door east

The other exception is the 5 key. If you'll notice in the picture it says "User Defined". This is because it can be anything you would like. To set this, simply type:
kp5 (whatever)
This will set the 5 button to whatever you wish. The default setting is an alias "restand" which will toggle "rest" and "stand" for you. This was set by typing:
kp5 restand

This script has a built in Help Command, either type "kphelp" or press the "F11" key
That's all for Movement with the Keypad script.
Next: Step 2, Keypad Reforming

Step 2, Keypad Reforming
The Keypad also has the ability to change modes. If you press the "F12" key, the Keypad will switch from Movement Mode, to Form Arrangement Mode. This will allow you to reform your formation more quickly.
Here is the layout and an example Formation:

Once the Keypad is in the Form Arrangement Mode, first check your Formation layout by typing "form". This will not only show you the layout of your Formation, but will show the script the layout as well. From there the rest is simple. First click the number key that corresponds (by position) to the person you want to move. Then click number key that corresponds to where you want the person to go. That's it.
This script does not require you to check "Form" over and over again to know the position of people. If you used the Keypad to reform the person, it will remember the new Form layout.

This mode has a different Help Command layout, you can check it in-game by typing "kphelp" or by pressing the "F11" key
That's all for Reforming with the Keypad script.
Next: Step 3, Controlling Your Flying Mount

Step 3, Controlling Your Flying Mount
This particular mode is special with the Keypad, you cannot change to it by pressing the "F12" key. Instead it is activated automatically when you are in flight. Here is the layout of the keys:

For more information on flight in Medievia, see HELP FLY
These buttons will do exactly as listed. For example, if 8 is pressed the command "fly dir 0" will be input. You'll notice the button has a capital N under Fly Dir 0, this is simply for ease of reference to know which direction you're going.
Here is a breakdown of what the buttons do:
/ = Survey
* = Fly Fast
. = Fly Slow
- = One less "jump" per flight
+ = One more "jump" per flight
0 = Land
1 = Fly Dir 225 (Southwest)
2 = Fly Dir 180 (South)
3 = Fly Dir 135 (Southeast)
4 = Fly Dir 270 (West)
5 = Stop flying and circle the area
6 = Fly Dir 90 (East)
7 = Fly Dir 315 (Northwest)
8 = Fly Dir 0 (North)
9 = Fly Dir 45 (Northeast)

This mode has a different Help Command layout, you can check it in-game by typing "kphelp" or by pressing the "F11" key

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