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Logs from Beyond for 5/12/2016

9AM KRAUSE: I figured I would update everyone on the latest news on the hacking front. The attempt continues.

Right now we are being hacked for passwords 15,000 times a minute on the main server. They will not get in as they do not even realize after a few attempts it just looks like their efforts may work but in reality the process in place locks them out quickly. It just does not make that apparent. You have to be impressed with their persistence and stupidity.

I have also put in place 2 honeypots for them to play with and they are trying those as well. It is comical but I am taking it very seriously as you can tell.

Rackspace yesterday had the craziest response. They have been trying to hack so much that rackspace disabled my account! They disabled my account because of 'attempts' and not a 'compromise'!?!?! CRAZY! I just ripped them a new one and they apologized. I have never heard of a 3d party service disabling something because of attempts. My password is 25 numbers and letters and could not ever possibly be compromised. Rackspace is now putting a team onto finding them.

Hey hackers. GOOD LUCK! Keep at it. When you get in just know I wanted you to get in and you better make sure you know what you actually got into. You need to look at your own servers because I just finally found a few of them. My power is strong as well so this is a warning to you. Hacking hackers is usually pretty easy. I will get in soon. I have been a hacker since 1991 and I actually know what I am doing.

So anyways fun stuff. Nothing changes. We have smart rotating daily backups. Backups are stored on hard drives that are both up and duplicates powered down instantly in case we get compromised so our stuff cannot be encrypted and used as ransom. There is nothing a hacker can do to harm us. We are just too smart, too quick, and too vigilant. We have backups on 2 clouds as well as we have even always put them on optical storage in case a nuclear war or bad magnetic solar storm wipes out data. Medievia will always continue, forever, and there is not one thing anyone can do about it.

PLAYERS, what we do need is FUNDS! I have asked for donations and I got 3 so far for a total of 100 dollars. Please step up. I need a new server soon. We need funds for marketing. We have many players who we have given years and years of gaming and social action to and we need your support. Medievia is not a charity for you guys. We cannot print money.

Medievia has cost me money to keep going every month for the past 8 years. Please forgo buying a new game this month or maybe one dinner and support the game that actually cares about you. I could use an emotional lift this month. We are a few more months away from being able to market the game. Homes will be in soon as well as many new features. I am sorry it is taking so long.

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