Help for Mages by Shakira

NOTE: Medievia is an ever-changing game, and this player-written help file might not include up-to-date hints. The Medievia staff tries to remove references to defunct game features but does not add tips to player-written guides. Also please keep in mind that player-written guides are based on the player's personal experiences. If you see outdated or incorrect information, please notify the appropriate staff member.

The Basics

Mages are spellcasters. Properly trained, a high level mage can be one of the most lethal weapons in the game.


Mages earn more mana and fewer hitpoints per level than any of the other classes. Thus, a mage can never wear too much +hp equipment. It is in only the longest, bloodiest fights that a mage with 1000 mana will run out before the clerics are getting low.

Always keep detect invisibility, shield, stone skin, and strength fresh. Check your score often before fights. It is not pleasant to have your AC change by 110 points suddenly in the midst of a heavy battle. Always cast them if you fear they may run out before the fight ends.

Try and start a fight with 100% mana. If your mana is full, your first spell will do more damage.

Make sure your INT is 18. You will fumble fewer spells.

If you are outside in the middle of a rain or lightning storm, use lightning bolt. It does heaps o' damage for the mana, and can be a critical spell for mages who haven't yet learned shockwave.

When casting plague on a mob wielding a weapon - if successful, try and wait a round for the weaken to settle in and the mob will drop it's weapon.

If not tanking, use fireshield in PK areas. Since you'll be in the middle row, you usually won't need the protection of sanc, but the rebounded damage of fireshield hurts both MOBS and PKers.

Use farsight often. For as little as 15 mana, this is perhaps your most critical spell. This spell alone makes mages the best form leaders. With farsight, you can see up to 5 rooms in any direction, and always know what's coming up. (Do note however, that in certain zones, mobs move real fast). When being chased in a PK area, go to the end of a one way path and farsight back towards the entrance. You'll see your attacker long before they see you. When they get close, start the spam to avoid the thief backstab. Or better, run in on them before they expect it.

Mages regenerate mana with each kill. Depending on the relative alignment of the kill, it can be a very large amount. To avoid sleeping in PK areas, get to know the wimpy MOBS to kill quickly for use as mana regen. Then you can keep watch with farsight while your cleric sleeps.

Once a battle has started, you no longer need to target your spells. Instead, just "cast shockwave" will hit the appropriate target. This is very helpful for fighting just one mob in a room of like named mobs without attacking the next one when the first mob dies, and it's a lot quicker.

When soloing, make your own party of charmed mobs. Make an alias for "order followers".

When using charmed mobs or elementals, if you want to keep them, don't shield room. Make sure you cast levitate, invis, and breathe water on them if necessary

If fighting with charmed mobs, order them to flee just before your opponent dies. That way, they won't suck up all the experience. Keep track of which direction they left, and pick them up after the fight.

Keep yourself and your party invisible in aggro zones at all times.

Shield room in aggro zones. If you need to flee, invis yourself and shield room.

Don't be afraid to use chill touch. It hurts and weakens for very little mana.

If your party may need to flee from a fight, cast a few rounds of colour spray to blind the mob so you can reenter the room.

Don't be afraid to teleport. Evil Dragons, PKers in a CPK, bid too much on that empty bag and need to camp fast, teleport. Be aware that, as you level, teleport will take you further and further.

If blinded during a battle with mobs, cast room spells if it's safe to do so. Otherwise, flee or sit back and wait for your warriors and cleric to kill the mob.

If blinded during a PK battle, flee. Don't be afraid to teleport. You cannot attack players while blind, and, just between you and me, mages hit like little girls.

Don't use fireball indoors. It hurts everyone. Including you.

~ Shakira

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