Help for Mages by Kelemvor

The Mage character can have many different roles in the world of Medievia. He can be the power with his offensive spells, he can be the protector with his armor enhancing spells, he can be the savior with the invisibility and room shielding spells. Which role you take on depends a lot on whether or not you a grouped as well as which of the spells you have at your disposal. I have put together a helpfile that will tell you what I have found out in my loooong experience playing as a Mage.


If you can't seem to find a group, or don't want to put up with all the bickering, a mage can do fine soloing by himself. As long as you have a good supply of healing potions you will do all right. Unless you are in an area with no aggressive mobs, keep yourself invisible as much as possible. Make sure you always have the lowest possible armor class so you don't get hit as often. See my page about tintin actionsif you have it and want some actions to keep your spells up. When you come upon a mob, you can plague him and blind him to soften him up a bit. If the mob is of low enough level, you can try to put him to sleep as well. This will allow your first attack to do more damage. Once you've got the mob all prepped, go ahead and blast him. Don't spam too many spell at once because you won't be able to use your healing potions if you get hurt. And make sure your wimpy is on in case you start to lag or lose link. If you happen to have to flee, just sleep to recharge your mana and hit points. If the mob will follow you and attack, cast your shield room spell after you flee so you can recharge in peace. If you get too hurt and can't flee or recall, remember that you can use the Teleport spell to get out of the immediate danger.

If you happen to be a multi-class character, you can use all of your abilities at once. A Cleric/Mage can be very powerful because he can kill the mobs as well as keep himself healed up.


If you are in a group, your role will change slightly. You now can make sure everyone is invisible as well as levitated to make your traveling easier. When you come to a mob, you can still try to plague, blind, and sleep the mob, but if there is a thief in your group, let him backstab the sleeping mob. This will do more damage than a spell attack. After the initial fighting starts, join in and start shooting. Again, if you happen to be a Cleric/Mage, you can then plague, blind, poison, sleep, and faerie fire the mobs to make him easier to kill. ~ Kelemvor

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