Help for Mages by Jelklan

NOTE: Medievia is an ever-changing game, and this player-written help file might not include up-to-date hints. The Medievia staff tries to remove references to defunct game features but does not add tips to player-written guides. Also please keep in mind that player-written guides are based on the player's personal experiences. If you see outdated or incorrect information, please notify the appropriate staff member.

Mages have many advantages that can make life much easier, especially on trading runs:
  • The spell invisibility proves more than worth its weight in gold, allowing the average mage to avoid most fights which would beat him/her up pretty badly. In addition to this benefit, invisibility allows the mage to avoid petty fights on trade runs, and can make overland travel considerably faster.
  • Shield room is probably the second most important spell a mage can know (aside from various offensive spells), allowing him/her to escape fights that are very unbalanced. Creative use of this spell can save the mage from even the most difficult fights. Make sure that this spell is practiced until you know it as best you can; it can be mighty embarrassing to have escaped and cast a shield room only to lose concentration and then die.
  • Wizard eye can, and might be a useful spell, although I find it too expensive to be of much practical use. Still, there are situations when you may want a larger picture of the area (either for scouting or comparison to the map located on this web page).
  • The best partner for trading runs for a mage is a cleric of comparable level. Clerics can provide much needed healing and make up in virtually all aspects in which the mage might lack.
  • A word should be noted about the amount of mana that mages actually need to survive in Medievia. A mana tally of 500 is adequate for most situations. There are several reasons why 500 is enough. First of all, a mage with a lot of hps can be used as a makeshift tank and still provide plenty of firepower. Mage spells traditionally cost less than cleric spells, with the best offensive spells costing as little at 20 mana per use. Secondly, when a creature is killed by a mage, a variable amount of mana may be regained, sometimes quite a large amount (bringing the mage up to or almost up to full mana).
  • It is a rare occurrence at best that a mage with over 500 mana will run out in battle before the supporting clerics do, and if he does, then he/she is probably managing it very poorly to say the least.
I am not going to mention trading tips simply because the world is changing, and what I have to say will probably soon be out of date. New cities and towns with trading posts are being constructed and will change the balance and economics of the world very rapidly.

With these hints in mind, I hope that you may, in conjunction with your prior knowledge, be able to rid Medievia of all of the horrors that it beholds. May the wind always be at your back and your travel be swift. Godspeed my friends.

~ Jelklan

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