Help for the More Experienced Player

The typical more experienced player may be gaining many levels, approaching the middle or high 20's, however, there is still a vast world for them to explore, and tons of features to learn about. Since the experienced player is likely to have most, if not all spells and skills associated with his or her class, it would be wise to consult the section containing help for specific classes. However, that said, there are still a few good pieces of advice that can apply to all classes.

One of the most important aspects of Medievia is the clan system. It is wise to find a good clan, one you are likely to stick with for sometime. Not only do you gain clantalks and tells, but usually access to the information more experienced players have to offer. The best source of information is another, more experienced player. You can learn about zones you may not have visited yet, you can find groups, learn about equipment, trade equipment and eggs, and do a multitude of other things which make Medievia a much friendlier game to play.

A more experienced player may choose to venture into a PK area, either to kill other players, or get experience and/or equipment from a zone. Most player killer zones tend to have better experience than non-player killer zones. Favorites tend to be Ryvaera, the Pirate Ship, the Catacombs of Toshi, and many others. However, entering a player kill area to get the better experience is not without the risks, you stand a good chance of being player killed (to learn more about player killing, consult the Medievia help files, available any time while playing the game).

Trading also gets easier as you gain levels, those annoying banelars tend to become easier and less threatening and the roads pass faster beneath your feet. Money is going to become more of a concern for two reasons. Since the cost of a dragon is proportional to the cube of your level, the cost of a dragon ride increases dramatically. Also, gaining equipment for your player changes. It often must be purchased, for quite a sum, from higher levelers who are more capable of doing the equipment runs.

Another problem encountered as one approaches the higher levels is that the amount of experience to advance between levels increases dramatically. To get from level 26 to level 27 on a single-class player, 115 million experience is required. Patience is the key here, as it might take days or even weeks to make the jump from one level to the next, but have heart, people have and will continue to brave the gap. If you have any doubt or feel despair, just type WHO at any time to see how many heroes have made it through that gap four complete times. If they can do it, so can you!

One more important note before I leave you to brave the wilderness in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. Multying is a very important part of the game. The second, third, and fourth time through the ranks are not nearly as difficult or time consuming as the first. You start over with hit points, mana, and movement points, however, you retain skills from your previous classes, making the next time around much easier. Soloing can be done as a single class character, soloing can be done very efficiently as a multi class character.

~ Jelklan

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