Help for Clerics by Dobi

NOTE: Medievia is an ever-changing game, and this player-written help file might not include up-to-date hints. The Medievia staff tries to remove references to defunct game features but does not add tips to player-written guides. Also please keep in mind that player-written guides are based on the player's personal experiences. If you see outdated or incorrect information, please notify the appropriate staff member.

For Clerics, the basics
  • The basic thing that you have to remember is that you're a cleric, a healer, your job is to find someone big and tough, and stand behind them in a group to keep them healed. That should be your first objective.
  • When grouped, to conserve mana, make note of what percentile of hp you typically heal someone for, when you cast a cure or heal spell on them. Then, try to heal them, only when you know your spell will take full effect. i.e. if you know that you can heal someone for say 30% of their hp, then only cast the spell when they are under 70%.
  • Tired of losing concentration? Raise your wisdom to 18. It helps. Intelligence should not help at all. At least that's what Shalafi and the help files say, so don't worry about that.

For Clerics, in general
  • Do *not* underestimate the value of *dispel evil* possibly the most powerful, undervalued cleric spell in the game. It knocks off 100 hp for only 15 mana. Which is a heck of a lot considering how low a level you can cast it at.
  • Heal always heals others for exactly 6 times your level, it heals yourself for exactly 3 times your level. That's why if you have another cleric in your group, it makes sense to "cross-heal" each other.
  • Harm does 4 times your level in damage to your opponents. Unless they make their save.
  • Firestorm seems to do more damage and to be more worthwhile than harm, at least against one opponent.
  • You may only cast ressurrect on somebody if the total hp of the members of your group is more than the hp of the dead person.
  • You may only cast gate, if there is an empty exit in one of the four cardinal directions in the room of the combs that you're in.

~ Dobi

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