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The Basics

The number one thing to remember about being a single-class cleric is that you are a healer. When you are in a form, people are depending on you to keep them alive. That means forget the aggressive spells unless you can see that your tanks are not getting hit hard and that you will have plenty of mana to keep everyone healed throughout the entire fight. Don't forget that people can get struck by lightning and stalactites during a fight, so you may need more mana than you originally thought. Do not, I repeat do not wait until your people get down to 50% to heal them because you want to cast an aggressive spell. If the mobs don't wind up killing them, they may well want to kill you afterwards! If you don't want to heal, switch classes. Learn how well cure critic and heal work, and use them appropriately. Keep your tanks, and yourself, armed and blessed. Have at least one silvery ring of regeneration. Wear it when you sleep. There is some contoversy over whether it is INT or WIS that keeps you from botching spells. Personally, I have noticed a huge increase in botched spells, when my INT was less than 18, but maybe it's psychosomatic, since the help files say it's WIS.


Remember to save enough mana for a transport spell if you are fighting in or near a city, so you can just pop out of a fight if it looks like someone is going to die.

Carry plenty of healing potions. Use them on yourself when in a form to save mana.

If you are outside in the middle of a rain or lightning storm, use call lightning as your aggressive spell. It does tons more damage than anything else, as long as the weather is bad.

When fighting mobs that cannot dispel magic, faerie fire, then poison, then blind them. Mobs will attack you if you miss your blind.

Firestorm seems to do more damage than tremor, and you won't knock mobs down if there's a down exit. Of course, mobs take lots of damage when they fall, so as long as you're sure there's nothing down there that will kill you, using tremor is probably a good idea.

When in the back of a form, fighting mobs that can dispel magic, sanc yourself as well as your tanks (or use an orb), faerie fire the mob, then you cast the first aggressive spell (Blind and poison do not count. Use harm, call lightning, tremor, whatever). That way the mob will try to dispel you, instead of the tanks.

If you really really really don't want to be dispelled, cast a bunch of spells on yourself after you cast sanc. For example, sanc yourself, then arm you, bless you, protect you, detect invis, sense life, detect evil, quick you, infra you, and cast mass lev. The mob then has to dispel nine other spells before it gets your sanc. Of course, by then you may be out of mana...hee hee.

Heal restores six times your current level in hp if you cast it on someone else (e.g. if you're lev 25, 25 x 6 = 150 hp restored) and three times your level if you cast it on yourself. If you have another cleric in your form, cross-healing is the way to go.

Harm does four times your level in damage.

Learn fireshield and use it in pk areas. Why not use sanc? Because if a 124 thief decides to backstab you, you are going to die. All the sanctuary in the world is not going to save you. If you're fireshielded, though, you'll at least reflect half the damage back at them, so the rest of your form has a fighting chance. And don't get upset when you're the first person attacked every single time you enter a pk zone. They always go for the clerics first. It makes the rest of the form a lot easier to kill.

Here's a general, kind-of-cleric-related pk areas, sac all corpses. Nasty pkers will cast locate corpse, and head for the first pk zone they see on the list.

Locate object will not work on invisible items, so don't bother trying to use it to find dragon crystals.

Demonfire is a pretty powerful spell, but good aligned clerics can use dispel evil/protection from evil. Protection for evil is like a second sanc when you're fighting evil creatures, and don't underestimate dispel evil. It takes off about 100 hit points a shot for very little mana. If you're either good or evil, you get Hammer of Faith, which is extremely powerful against creatures with the opposite alignment from yours. I generally don't bother wasting the mana, though, unless the creature I'm fighting is at least evil enough for me to strike a "devastating blow".

I suggest having two sets of eq, or at least of weapons, one +hp, +ac set for soloing, and one +lots of mana for when you're in my customary position, back center :)

Here's something I didn't realize for a very long time...if you're fighting a mob like Blackness in the combs, you can't start out with a targetted spell like harm because the mob has no name. If, however, you start with a room spell, you can cast targetted spells by just typing "cast harm" or "cast hammer", etc.

About Resurrection

When you are close to level 27, get a Heartstone at the Cliffs of Dahnakriss, or buy one on auction. The ones with no charges are least expensive. If you're going into a risky fight, one where there is a decent chance that someone may die, make sure you blind the mob. If someone dies, flee out, summon the rest of your form, heal them up and go back in to resurrect. If the mob is blind, it won't see you come in. Res, heal, and get out of there to recuperate. Make sure the people in your form know that the necromancer will not perform his rituals if they (accidentally, of course) lose link.

Don't forget, you and your form must total more hit points than the character who dies. If you're short, try shouting for help. There are lots of people out there who are willing to lend themselves for a res.

~ Asha

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