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A warrior's main duty is to protect the other group members. Because of
their high hit points, they will usually be placed in the front line of
a FORMATION where they will be subjected to most of the damage. A warrior
will gain more hit points per level than other classes. However, their
MANA will decrease as their training focuses more on physical skills. A
warrior begins the game with a strength of 16. The warrior's armor class
will decrease with every level of experienced gained, reflecting their
increased combat training.

For more information on how to play a warrior, read on!

  FORMATION                                                      WARRIOR
When in formation, many times it is good to place the warrior in the front
line as long as that warrior has parry. Having parry helps that player
ward off many of the attacks mobs or other players have. Warriors
also have the opportunity to hit three times per round, if they practice
the correct skills. Being in the front row of a formation allows for a
better chance that they will be able to hit a mob or player, instead of
being blocked by the person in front of them. Warriors tend to have more
hitpoints than thieves do, depending on the equipment that is being used.
Because of this, many times they can take more hits and survive.

  PRACTICING                                                     WARRIOR
Warriors have the following skills:

                    KICK              BASH
                    PARRY             RESCUE
                    CHARGE            DISARM
                    SECONDATTACK      THIRDATTACK
                    MEDITATE          OFFHAND
                    SLASH             ARCHERY
                    RAGE              BLOODFIST

When practicing skills, think about what you will use most. For example,
while rescue has its benefits, it is not very important to a low level
warrior, especially not in comparison to other skills. All warrior skills
are automatic, meaning, once you've practiced them, they can be used. Some
skills must be used in combat only, while a few may be used at any time.
Remember, one hint is that you do not always need to type the mob name or
character name after the command to cause it to work.

Which skills to practice is completely up to you. A good start for a
warrior, would be to practice kick, secondattack, and thirdattack in that
order, and then whatever abilities you feel you need, but you may, of
course, adjust this for your playing style.

  SOLOING                                                        WARRIOR
Soloing as a single class warrior is difficult at best. Warriors have a
lot of hitpoints, but no easy way of regaining them. Rest and sleep are
easy ways of regaining hitpoints. There are also certain items that will
up the speed of your regeneration. Meditate is another good way to regain
lost hitpoints, although it can eat up movement points quickly and return
you to the original method of resting to regain movement points. Healing
potions and objects, such as green potions, are yet another way. They can
be bought in the potion shops or found on corpses. However, they are heavy
to carry in bulk and are used up quickly.

  EQUIPMENT                                                      WARRIOR
A warrior's primary attribute is strength. Strength will not only allow
you to carry more items, but will increase the amount of damage you do per
hit. There is a lot of equipment that will raise your strength from your
starting 16 to 18. As stated before, warriors should have a lot of
hitpoints, but hitpoints alone aren't enough. Try to lower your armor
class as low as possible. -100 is the lowest that the game will accept
(anything below that is treated as -100), so try to go for that.
Furthermore, warriors must also have hitroll and damroll. After all, what
good is being able to survive long if you don't damage your opponent?
Hitroll will increase your chance to hit, and damroll the amount of damage
you do in a round. The best items to start out with are things to raise
your hitroll. If you aren't able to hit the opponent, what good is being
able to hit hard?

The donation room in many of the main cities may help you find equipment
for yourself. Some other equipment that you can find around Medievia City
and zones close to it are opal rings, amethyst bracelets and the glowing
medallion of an ancient god. These items may be level restricted up to
level 10 and may sometimes be difficult to get for the first couple of
levels. There are many different objects from all over the land that will
help you level. Find a particular equipment mode that fits you best.