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The VOTE command has several options that let you find out about what's
going on with elections, run for office, set your clan's party
affiliation, and vote for your candidate.

Typing VOTE by itself shows the following syntax:

   Vote ?                    To show what's happening now
   Vote message <playername> To show the candidate's message
   Vote vote <playername>    To vote for a player
   Vote clans                To show all clan party affiliations
   Vote run                  To run as a candidate for the primaries
   Vote drop                 To drop from running prior to elections
   Vote editmessage          To update your political message
   Vote sign <text>          Read 'Help Sign' before using this feature
Clan Leader:
   Vote clanorder            To set the clan as an ORDER party clan
   Vote clanchaos            To set the clan as a CHAOS party clan

Election Schedule each month:

1st-2nd: Pre-Primary time, when players can declare themselves candidates
    3rd: Primary elections, when one candidate from each party is chosen
         to run for Governor
4th-5th: Pre-Election time, when players can get to know the candidates
    6th: Election day; candidate with more votes becomes Governor,
         candidate with fewer becomes Mayor
    7th: New Governor and Mayor take office

Running for primaries costs 20 million gold and is reimbursed to the

For more information on politics, see ANNOUNCEMENT 493 and the NEWS