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This is only a brief summary of the skills a thief has. These are not
necessarily in the order you should practice them. Choose the skills
you feel that you would use most for the level you are and practice those.
More information can be found by accessing the individual help file for
the skill. (Example: help TRIP

PICK     - ability to pick, or unlock, certain locked doors
SNEAK    - allows you to walk into a room unnoticed
HIDE     - allows you to hide in a room and only be detected with the
           "SENSE LIFE" spell
AMBUSH   - Launch a surpise attack on target for considerable damage
BACKSTAB - starts a fight with a harder hit than melee
THROW    - ability to throw weapons at mobs or players
SCAN     - allows you to check the rooms around you for mobs or players
STEAL    - ability to steal an item from a mob's inventory
DUAL     - gives the ability to hit 2 times during melee
TRIP     - trip a mob or player, causing spells to be inhibited to them
           for one or more rounds
TRACK    - track players through rooms they have walked through
TRAP     - trap mobs so they can not move or attack players in the room
DODGE    - avoid hits from mobs or players
MEDITATE - ability to heal faster while resting
DISARM   - allows you to disarm, or remove, a weapon from the mob/player's
IMBUE    - Imbue daggers with toxins to poison your victim when attacked