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Syntax to fire at a ship:
    ship fire <target area> <ship name>
    ship fire hull Vryce - Fires at the hull of Vryce's Warship
Target areas are: hull, crew, or rigging

Syntax to fire at a serpent:
    ship fire serpent

To use deckhands to fire at serpents or ships read HELP DECKHAND

To fire, you must first have the proper ammo loaded by using "SHIP LOAD"
Once the correct type of ammunition is loaded into the gun, it is ready to

You may only fire upon another ship if both of the ships are in PK waters
and either the ship you are on, or the enemy ship has its battle flag
up or recently lowered.

When you fire, you must specify a target area of the enemy ship. To be most
effective, the gun needs to have been loaded with the correct ammo type for
the area on which you are firing. See "SHIP LOAD" for a listing of the types.