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8. Heroes

The following actions are not illegal, but performing one or more of them
is likely to result in the loss of hero status.

  Heroes may not backstab sleeping players. The code will block it.
  Heroes will lose hero status for CPKing or looting single-class players.


   1. Heroes may CPK or loot single-class players who have CPKed or looted
      anyone outside "CPK DUEL" This notification appears on PLAYERINFO of
      single-class characters to whom it applies. See Help RULES part M

   2. Heroes may CPK (but not loot) single-class players who are formed
      with multi-class players.

  ANY looting of a single-class player, regardless of who they were formed
  with, means the loss of hero status. The only circumstances in which a
  hero may loot a single are "CPK DUEL" or cases where the single has lost

  See ANNOUNCEMENT 311 for the repercussions of continually cpking/looting

  Not holding onto the ideals of herodom (being excessively combative,
  verbally abusive, etc.) Refer to ANNOUNCEMENT 176.
  This includes constant problems on the IMM or HB channels. If you cannot
  seem to behave and keep getting gagged, you can lose hero.