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6. Client Scripts, Botting, Triggers, etc:
  As above, spam is illegal, but on occasion one might get stuck where their
  scripts hit a bug and send a lot of commands to the game. If this occurs
  immediately disconnect yourself (eg: /zap for MudMaster users) or just
  close down your client or hang up the modem, then fix the problems in your
  script, and then re-log in. Writing scripts/testing scripts in a crowded
  public area (ie: MedLink, or the center of Medievia town) isn't advised.
  Setting off people's triggers is illegal. This means that if you say
  anything or room anything that shows something such as: you are either
  hungry or thirsty, you are doing something illegal and are going to get
  yourself in trouble.
  No triggers or other automated forms of combat. Any script that benefits you
  in combat is illegal. Read Help TRIGGER
  Bots (roBot) "  " Making bot scripts is illegal. "Bots" are where a script
  controls your character. Scripts to run zones, repeatedly kill mobs, or
  otherwise benefit your character while you are not in immediate control of
  your character are illegal. (also see 6e, 6f, and 6g)
  Auto-trade or "walker" scripts are illegal (scripts that automatically
  move you around).
  Any script that controls you while you are afk, and not immediately aware
  of and in control of your character are illegal. Including, but not limited
  to auto-freight selling, auto-auctioning, spammy anti-void avoiders, etc.
  Further, the use of any complex script to automate aspects of the game is
  illegal, regardless of whether you're AFK The only exception to this are
  trade valuation scripts (ones which check prices, NOT ones that run trade
  runs for you). This specifically includes scripts for guarding CPK Spellups
  are not considered complex scripts.
  Allowing people to control you via telepaths, says, formtell, or any
  communication channel, or via 3rd party programs, is illegal. Simple scripts
  for allowing friends, clannies, form members, etc to receive minor benefits
  (eg: auto-cleric scripts) are okay, as long as you are active and in
  complete and immediate control of your character.
  Text encryption scripts on public channels are illegal.
  Purposely flooding someone's ip via the various chat programs that are out
  in order to disrupt their game play is highly frowned upon. Any attempt to
  ruin a player's game play via Medievia and/or 3rd party programs is illegal.
  Gambling is illegal on Medievia, except for the HEROWAGER command and
  the MEDLINK casino rooms. ANNOUNCEMENT 708 is to be considered part of
  Running or participating in activities that are usually managed by the
  code or staff is illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, scripts
  that play games or for cash or other compensation, including lotteries or
  other games of chance. It also includes dueling for gold or betting on
  This rule, which was a clarification of 6j, has been removed.