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This help file deals with the political module. For help on the "CHAOS-
QUEST"-see Help CHAOS QUEST".-For help on the ORDER COMMAND"-used with
charmed mobs, see Help "ORDER COMMAND" For help on the BLOODMOON quest,
which also uses the terms CHAOS and ORDER see Help BM2.

Clans may set their political affiliation to Chaos or Order. The ideals of
each party are up to the governor or mayor who leads it. Clans start out
neutral, unaffiliated with either party, and may stay neutral as long as
they wish. However, once a clan has chosen a party, it is impossible to go
back to being neutral.

Clan leaders (not coleaders) may set their clan's party with the VOTE
command. Type "vote clanorder" to set your clan as an ORDER clan, and
"vote clanchaos" to set your clan as a CHAOS clan.

The party affiliation of your clan determines your voting rights. If you
are total level 31 or higher, or if you have donation equipment on your
character, you are a voter.

Voters who are members of party-affiliated clans may run for election. To
enter the election, type "vote run". Running for office costs 10 million
gold. You should post a message with your goals and platform with the
"vote message paper" command, and you may purchase advertising signs in
the wilderness with the "vote sign text" command. Read Help SIGN before
you make any signs. You can be frozen if your signs or your message break
any rules.

Voters who are members of party-affiliated clans may vote in the
primaries, which determine one leader for each of the two parties. Voters
who are members of neutral clans, or clanless characters, may not vote in
the primaries. Once a leader is chosen for each party, all legal voters
may participate in the final election, regardless of their clans' party
affiliations or neutrality, or even if they are not clan members.

To vote, type "vote vote playername" where playername is the candidate of
your choice. You get one chance to vote, you cannot change your mind, and
your vote is binding. The winner of the final election will be the
Governor, and the loser will be the Mayor.

Election Schedule each month:

1st-2nd: Pre-Primary time, when players can declare themselves candidates
    3rd: Primary elections, when one candidate from each party is chosen
         to run for Governor
4th-5th: Pre-Election time, when players can get to know the candidates
    6th: Election day; candidate with more votes becomes Governor,
         candidate with fewer becomes Mayor
    7th: New Governor and Mayor take office

For more information on politics, see ANNOUNCEMENT 493 and the NEWS