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The feature that *was* called "News" is now called ANNOUNCEMENT Please

When the yellow NEWS appears in your prompt, there are new news
headlines for you to read. Simply type NEWS to view them. Newer entries
will be at the top, and older entries will drop off the bottom.

These headlines are about life and happenings in the community of
Medievia. It's the same sort of information you would get if you were to
stop by after a short absence and ask your townies/clannies/friends (or
on the IMM or CHAT channels), "Hey, what's been going on lately?"

The Medievia News is published by the staff of the game. Write to if you have news. Depending on how busy a day is,
anything can be news. Some examples: a big cpk brawl, the formation of a
new clan or town, a mudmarriage, a real-life wedding between players or
the birth of a child, an upcoming get-together, someone heroing or
becoming a legend, etc., etc., etc. Anything is news! Send it to Be brief. Just the facts, just the headline.