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Syntax:    MODE                    - list all modes
           MODE <modename> LOCK    - save current mode as <modename>
           MODE <modename> SHOW    - show <modename>
           MODE <modename>         - switch to <modename>
           MODE <modename> DELETE  - delete <modename>
           MODE <object> CONTAINER - set your mode container
           MODE INVENTORY CONTAINER - set your mode container to inventory

MODE provides a convenient mechanism for switching your equipment around.
It's perhaps best illustrated by example. Consider a player who typically
uses two different equipment modes for her character: a mode which maximizes
her hit points, and a mode which maximizes her mana. Traditionally, to change
modes, she would have to put on pieces of equipment one at a time until
a complete change had been effected. With the mode command, however, this
can be greatly simplified. First, she puts on all of her hit point equipment.
She then types "MODE-HP-LOCK". This saves a list of all the equipment she's
wearing at the time, and gives it the name HP She then puts on all of her
mana equipment, and types MODE MANA LOCK She can then switch between these
modes by typing "MODE-HP" or "MODE-MANA".

If she then gets a new bloodstone and wants to use it with both of these modes,
she can switch to hp mode MODE HP hold the bloodstone, then type MODE HP LOCK
to change that mode. Then she types MODE MANA holds the bloodstone, and types

After switching modes the game will display the cumulative change to your
stats from before to after.

MODE with no arguments lists your modes.

MODE <modename> SHOW lists the equipment used in the specified mode.

By using the MODE <object> CONTAINER command, you can specify where the
equipment that you're wearing goes when you switch modes (i.e. MODE pocket

Note that the MODE command will find equipment in containers or that
you're wearing.

Lastly, note that there's significant lag if you use MODE soon after you
have been in combat with another player.