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Luring is defined as allowing someone into your form with the intention of
getting them CPK'd. It's very illegal, and you will be punished harshly
if you're caught.

CPKing someone who's formed with someone in your clan or town is considered
luring, as is CPKing someone in the clan or town of someone you are or were
formed with while inside the zone. This 'immunity' applies while you are
formed, while you are in or near the zone (not just the CPK part), and for
10 minutes after you unform or leave. While you are protected from being
CPKed by your formie's town/clan, your town/clan members are NOT
protected from being CPKed by your formie's town/clan.

Joining a clan and luring a clannie (without forming) into CPK for *other*
players to kill them is not illegal. It is illegal to CPK clannies unless
it is in "CPK DUEL" See Help RULES part G. Caution should be taken
anytime you go into CPK with players you are not formed with.

It is your responsibility to determine who you can and cannot trust. If you
are a single classer, or smaller player, it is probably best not to go into
CPK no MATTER what someone tells you, unless you know the person well AND
implicitly trust them. CPK is part of the game. When you say 'YES, I will
enter a CPK zone,' the responsibility is yours.