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Hellreaper is a MOBFACTION from afar. He is a master mage that has become
a true demon. He comes flying into our area in a giant flying CPK citadel.
Imagine a mountain ripped off the Earth, rotated upside down, and a castle
built on top. This is basically a massive Citadel ripped out of the ground
and made to fly with Fae magic.

Turn LISTEN on when in the citadel, as the text 3dsounds are key when
playing Hellreaper - Legion of the Damned.

Turn MAP Z on when in the citadel as it is very much needed.

- The flying CPK citadel is LLCPK set randomly from 2 to 7.
- It shows up on weather as a yellow C inside a storm from afar.
- To enter the citadel you must be under it and type UP There is a
  verification to make sure you wish to enter CPK
- When you go UP you are placed away from any player or mob. So if you
  have a form you will need to find each other once inside.
- The DM keeps as many zombies in the citadel as there are players. This
  means that when you hear 3dsound text movement, there is a 50/50 chance
  of its being a player or a mob.
- Once inside there are 4 ways out.
  - Die to a zombie or Hellreaper. You cannot be looted, as a Legion of
    the Damned zombie will drag you out into the wilderness.
  - Walk out. The very bottom of the tunnels below the citadel have a way
    down to the wilderness.
  - Defeat Hellreaper.
  - Get CPK'd by a player, become UNDEAD and walk out.
- You can only defeat Hellreaper when you collect souls. You get a soul
  when you kill a zombie. When inside the citadel SCORE will show how many
  souls you have and how many are needed.
- If you attack Hellreaper before you have enough souls, he takes all of
  your souls away and flees.
- When Hellreaper is killed the whole citadel dissipates and the DM
  Campaign ends.
- The DM uses the ADVENTURE channel to keep players up to date as to where
  the citadel is.
- SHIELD ROOM does not work in the citadel.
- TRAPS do not work in the citadel.

The wilderness area under the citadel will normally have zombies walking
around. Killing these zombies does not capture a soul; you must be in the
citadel for that.

Hellreaper is like Hellraider in that it offers tons of HEROPOINTS but
only when defeated fast and correctly. A form of players can each get over
SIX HUNDRED HEROPOINTS for this. There is also decent gold for defeating
Hellreaper and decent EQ