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Real Estate Manager: Selthions (

This is the information from ANNOUNCEMENT 570. More detailed information on
the clantown builder training program will be forthcoming.

Clantown builder training is not mandatory, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
for players who want to learn how to do the best work they can for their
clantowns. Many, if not most, of the mistakes we find in clantown rooms are
due to builders simply not being aware of what they're doing, and many, if
not most, repeated room denials are due to simple avoidable errors.

All clanleaders of leading clans should make sure the gods have an up-to-date
list of all clan members with editing privileges and whether they have had
training or not.

Use CTMB by itself (a shortcut for CTMB S <your zone number> to find out
who your town's Zone Editor is. His or her name will be under WRE This
Zone Editor is in charge of approving and denying your rooms, and he or
she or another one will be training your town's builders under a clantown
editor's direction.

It is the responsibility of each town's current builders to correct the
mistakes of previous builders when necessary.

Please remember that we do charge clans monetary fines for rooms that break
the rules. This ranges from a 200k fine for simple errors you don't correct
even after they've been explained to you, through a 5 mil fine for
blatantly breaking the rules, up to a 20 mil fine for rooms or mobs that
include bashing, profanity, or something worse we can't even imagine. As
with all discipline matters, clantown room fines are judged on a
case-by-case basis. All Zone Editors are able to issue fines with approval
from Selthios. Please don't give them the opportunity.

Decide whether your town's builders would like group or one-on-one
training. If your clantown builders are fairly new to writing rooms,
they should ask for one-on-one training, but if your group is rather large
and experienced, a shorter group training session will be fine.

We will contact your builders, get an idea of what times will be best for
their training, and set them up with a Zone Editor for training. Ideally,
the Zone Editor that does your training will also be the Zone Editor for
your town.

Selthios are in charge of assigning, and in some cases,
reassigning, Zone Editors to each clantown.

Why bother to participate in training? It's true that training for clantown
builders is not mandatory, but it is very useful and should only take 15-20
minutes, tops. By participating in the training session, you'll be showing
your Zone Editor that you're eager and willing to learn. You'll be less
likely to make silly mistakes, and you would certainly have no excuse to
make the kinds of mistakes that can cost your clan 200k, 5 mil, or even
20 mil in gold.

Taking fifteen minutes of your time for training is a good investment;
you'll develop a good rapport with your Zone Editor, you'll get some
helpful hints for building new rooms, and you might even learn something!
Who knows where this path may lead ... today you're writing a beautiful
clantown, tomorrow, designing a wonderful new zone for Medievians to
explore! Possibilities are endless, and we, the Zone Editors, are here to
help you along your way. We do enjoy and appreciate your work on the
clantowns of Medievia and look forward to getting to know you better.