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This application is to become a Customer Support god on Medievia. Read
ANNOUNCEMENT 368 for more details. Please use your best grammar and
spelling when writing your application. Remember that we are looking for
someone trustworthy and responsible without the luxury of knowing you
well, so whatever you put on your application is going to reflect your
personality and abilities to us. It is advisable to write 3-12 sentences
for the questions that request you elaborate on something.

 *You must be 18 years old or older
 *You cannot be a level 33+ god and have a mortal who is a clanleader, but
  being a coleader is okay.
 *Use your best grammar and spelling for the entire application
 *Read "help APPLICATION_FAQ and help APPLICATION before applying
 *Do not include attached files in your application

 1.) Are you at least 18 years of age or older?

 2.) What is/are your mortal name/s and level/s?

 3.) Have you ever had a Medievia character of yours purged before? If
     so, what was the character's name and why was it purged?

 4.) When did you start playing Medievia? (month/year or years played is

 5.) Are you interested in any other Medievia jobs as well as this
     position? (help ROLES What other skills do you have?

 6.) Can you code? If so what coding languages do you know? This is not
     necessary to get this job but we like to know it for future

 7.) What languages do you know fluently and which one is your native
     language (the one you speak and understand the best)? Note that
     having English as a second language in no way disqualifies you from
     being hired. What country do you live in?

 8.) How much time do you have available per week to spend on your god
     character if you are hired?

 9.) Are you able to separate yourself from personal grudges and biases?

10.) Describe any aspects of yourself (IRL or on Medievia) that makes you
     feel you are a mature person with strong leadership skills.

11.) Do you have any hobbies? What do you like about them?

12.) Describe 1-3 things you have seen gods do that you think were fair,
     and why you believe this to be true. If you have no examples of this
     simply say so.

13.) Describe 1-3 things you have seen gods do that you do *not* think was
     fair, and why this is true. If you have no examples of this simply
     say so.

14.) Is there anything else you would like to say that you feel makes you
     qualified for this position?

After completing the application please send it to
and cc to We recommend reading "help APPLICATION_FAQ
as well.