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This feature is available ONLY at Halloween. Don't ask for costumes
unless their availability has been announced!

Use the COSTUMEREQUEST command to request a costume. This is on a first-come,
first-served basis. Please see ANNOUNCEMENT 483 and 594 for details.

Costumes allow you to take on the guise of any real mob in Medievia. You
will appear to other players as the mob, not as yourself. If faerie fog is
cast in your room, you will be revealed as yourself for a short time.

Only real mobs will work as costumes. This means you cannot have clantown
or castle mobs or lair dragons. You CAN have Fothgolia, Zeksagmak, Moxon,
and Fothlyrdrag, because we made costumes that look like them. But no
other lair dragons. You can't have Vryce or other gods. You can't have
celebrities from the real world. You can't have a car or a vending machine
or a computer. Be sensible.

Mobs with a blank long description, like the Master Assassin of the Veiled
Society, will NOT be given out as costumes. Mobs with no keywords (like the
Blackness) will not be given out as costumes. God pets and the Death mob
will not be given out as costumes without specific permission from the god
who owns them. If you manage to trick a god into giving you one of these,
and we find out, you will not have a happy Halloween.

If a player is in costume, you still have to refer to them by name;
referring to someone wearing a Vecna costume as Vecna won't work!

Costumes are one to a customer, and are bonded. If you have a costume and
want a new one, DONATE your old one to get rid of it, then request.

PLEASE note that some people may request costumes of CPK zone mobs, and go
to that CPK zone in order to kill you. *Expect this.* Please don't whine if
someone kills you in CPK because they were disguised as a wemic. Also,
please note that heroes will have no way of knowing if a single class player
in a costume in CPK is really a single. So, for the duration of Halloween,
we strongly recommend that single-class players stay out of CPK If you die,
there's nothing we can do about it.