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Please read HELP CLANITEM_SUBMIT to learn how to create a clanitem.
Please read HELP CLANITEM_BASE for information on base items for clanitems.
Please read HELP CLANITEM_CHANGE to learn how to change a clanitem.
Please read HELP CLANLOCK and the RULES files for the rules on clanitems.
Please read HELP KEYCHANGE to learn how to change a clanhall key.

Every active clan in Medievia can have one clanitem. A clanitem is an item
customized to a clan. You start with a base item, an item that currently
loads in the game, and change it into your clan's custom version.

To make a clanitem (once it's already set), you use the CLANITEM command.
You must have the base item and 50 million gold on your person. The item
must be in pristine condition and have at least base stats. This command
can be used only by clan leaders, and then only if the clan has been active
enough to have an activity score of 75,000 or more on SHOWCLAN A.

You must have been in the clan for at least 30 days to obtain a clanitem.
The leader will NOT be able to hand you the item or mail it to you unless
you meet this requirement.

Clan items are locked via CLANLOCK The LOCKCLANITEM command can be used
to unlock them, see HELP CLANLOCK for more information.