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Steps to approving a name:

One of your most important responsibilities is helping gods with name
approval. It is crucial that new players get their names approved quickly
so they can continue leveling. Keep in mind we are not looking for reasons
to badname names; we are trying to stop inappropriate names and names that
take away from the game's atmosphere. Don't badname a name just because
you don't like it.

1) Type APPROVE to see if any names need to be approved. Names that have
been badnamed will have a * in front of them. When any player with an
unapproved name logs on or speaks on the clan channel, a (*) will appear
in front of them. Names can be approved at level 2, but please do not
badname before level 4; we want to let the new players play the game
before they have to worry about finding a new name.

2) Use the CHECK command by typing CHECK <name>. This will let you see if
the name is taken by a mob, or if it is a player's or mob's name
backwards. It will also spell out the name backwards for you, so you can
easily see if it is a word spelled backwards. After level 2, the check
command will state the name is already taken, because that particular
player already has the name.

3) Type the name into a search engine like Google and see what shows up.
An online dictionary and sites like are also useful if
you are still uncertain after checking a search engine. Use common sense
with urbandictionary; a lot of meaningless words are added to it and
aren't real slang. If it doesn't break any of the rules stated in HELP
ANAMES it is probably an acceptable name. If you are not sure, ask for
other opinions over the avatar channel. It might take a while to feel
comfortable approving names, so watching what gets approved, what gets
denied, and how avatars deal with names is helpful.

4) If the name is good, type APPROVE <name> and that's it, the job is

5) If the name is unacceptable, type BADNAME <name> <reason>. Remember not
to badname a player until level 4 or higher. Then, type NAMEHELP <player
name>. This will send a pre-made message to the player that tells them
their name is not acceptable and how to pick a new one.  If their name can
be made acceptable by a small change, you can suggest that. You can also
suggest looking through the pre-approved names to them if they are having
trouble, which can be seen by typing NAMES Be as polite, patient, and
helpful as you can.

7) When a new, appropriate name is picked, rename them by typing RENAME
<current name> <new name>. This will both rename them and approve them at

See Also: AV_TRAIN