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Adversary Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1) What is Adversary?

Adversary is a game within the game. It is a game where you can shrug off the
guise of your real character and step into a purely chaotic arena where
everyone is anonymous. There are no mobs to kill, only each other. There are
no zones to run, only one zone where you need to remain alive to survive. There
is no going AFK or logging out. For the duration of your time in Adversary, you
are both the hunter and the hunted, and only death will give you a reprieve.

2) Who can play in Adversary?

Currently only those players who have achieved total level 31 or have donated
to Medievia can participate in Adversary. For the most part this is to
discourage those who wish to cause trouble. If you are eligible to play and
still wish to cause trouble then think again; punishments will still be
enforced for those that warrant it.

3) Where do I go to play Adversary?

The entrance to Adversary is located one east from the main Medlink room.

4) How do you play Adversary?

There are some subtle differences between how Adversary and Medievia are
played, but the general idea is the same. You go through a selection process
to decide on your class and your name. From there, you are thrust into the
world of Adversary as a multi-class character equipped with basic items. Your
starting level varies depending on what Adversary is set for at the time, but
everyone starts at the same level. You must then kill other players in order
to level. If you are killed, you start over at the starting level. Who you
should hunt is listed in your prompt along with a very general direction
to find the player. Who is hunting you is also in your prompt. The game
decides who is hunting who by looking at levels, number hunters for each
player, who hunted who last, etc.

5) How do I get out of Adversary?

To get out of Adversary, simply type QUIT There's a catch, though: you cannot
quit Adversary unless your hit points are at full. This is to prevent people
from quitting out to avoid dying.

6) What new commands are available in Adversary?

ALIGN command lets you set your alignment to good, neutral, or evil. It
incurs a bit of lag for anyone other than a current class cleric. TIMEOUT
command can be used once an hour to take a quick (up to 3 minute) timeout.
MAP command shows a map of your level or MAP X shows levels 0-6.

7) How do I practice my spells and skills in Adversary?

Characters have no need to practice their spells and skills. They will
automatically have the ability to cast or use their skills/spells as per their
current level. As the characters are multi-class, they can use spells/skills
from classes other than their current class, but the advantages and
disadvantages of these abilities are still the same as Medievia. Note that
you also start with 18's in all attributes, so there's no need to train.

8) How is equipment dealt with in Adversary? If there are no mobs to kill, how
do I get better items?

At the outset, a character is equipped with basic items. As you level, so does
your equipment. The statistics of your equipment will tweak randomly, but your
overall statistics will improve. You can also loot items from other players.
Note that equipment is level restricted. Your equipment starts one level below
you, so you can use equipment from a player who's one level higher than you.
For example, if the starting level is 20, you start with level 19 equipment.
If you kill a level 21 player, you can loot their level 20 equipment and wear
that. If you kill a level 23 player, you can loot their level 22 equipment,
but you won't be able to use it until you're level 22. Also note that, by
and large, equipment is class-restricted.

9) What happens if you die in Adversary?

When your character dies in Adversary, you start over with basic equipment. It
is almost like stepping into Adversary for the first time, except you already
have a name and a class picked out. There is no saving in Adversary.

10) Will my real character be safe while I play in Adversary?

Yes, your character, equipment, gold and statistics will always be safe and
separate from your Adversary character's. However, you will be able to see your
Adversary statistics on your real character once you return to him or her.

11) How do I see my Adversary statistics?

By using the ADVSTATS command, you can see your current Adversary statistics.
These are slightly different for Adversary characters and "Real" characters.
In both cases, you'll see the number of times the character has played (each
life counts as a time), the number of kills, the number of deaths, the highest
level attained, and the average level attained. In the case of "Real"
characters, these stats are the sum of those of all the characters they've
played in Adversary. Because Adversary start level varies, the highest level
and average level are offset to account for the starting level. If the start
level for a certain character was 5, and you reached level 9, you will be
credited with 4 levels.

12) What are these strange lines I'm seeing with <<< in them?

These are 3D sounds which indicate noisy events taking place nearby. Please
see HELP LISTEN for more information.

13) What's this flask of oil that the nymph just gave me?

It's useful, and may be used (via the USE command) on any one piece of
equipment that you're wearing or that's in your inventory. What it actually
does is left for you to figure out.

14) How do I get rid of equipment that I don't want?

Donate it, and it'll disappear. (Note that it won't go to the donation room!)
In Adversary, you can type "donate all" to clear out your inventory.

15) Do I have to play Adversary?

The choice to play Adversary is entirely up to you. Adversary will not be for
everyone. Some people will love it, some people may hate it, but in the end it
is there for the enjoyment of those who wish to play in those kinds of chaotic

16) I am interested in playing in Adversary, where do I begin?

By reading this help file you already have, but for more detailed
instructions on how to start a character read HELP ADVERSARY HELP
ADVSTATS and HELP LISTEN Otherwise, you can go to the entrance of
Adversary and dive right in.

17) What do I get for playing Adversary?

If you make it to the top you gain QUEST POINTS. How many you gain
depends on how long you were ontop and how many players are playing.