The Future of Medievia

Nearly 25 years ago I started Medievia. Hundreds of thousands of lines of code later I would say that I am half way to where I want to go. The thing about Medievia is, it will never be done. It will never be good enough. I love it. I remember my todo list in 1992. Ansi color, Bulletin Board, Post office.... I had a vision of this world that was virtually too large to explore: Clans owning land and having clan wars, one thousand players online at night. I must say, we have come a long way. Every year brings new challenges yet every year we seem to work harder and have more fun. Success is a good thing for the spirit and the spirit of Medievia has never been higher! The development team of Medievia has grown with the game and what we are capable of now is limited only by our ideas and imagination.

What will Medievia V be like?

Medievia V is being designed to handle multiple planets on multiple servers. This will allow millions of players to play the game at the same time. Clans can have clanships which they can use to journey to other lands, trade, and attack. Clans can have space ships to trade through space.

The new MobFaction, HoloDetail, HoloMob, and HoloRoomAction modules will allow the following: Mob factions and races that unite and battle each other for control of land and zones. These mobs will possibly surround a zone and be very aggressive. Mob factions and certain races will be natural enemies that when they cross land ownership, battle it out in huge 100 room wide battle fronts. These fronts will be visible via Storm elementals(weather command), when flying over them and when walking near them. Clans will be able to side with or against every race and faction. Clan points can be had by fighting in a front with the mobs you have united with.

"BUT WAIT! That sounds interesting and sounds like a very challenging module, but, what will it mean to me?"

I am glad you asked! Imagine someone telling you that a very LARGE group of demons landed on the east coast and have been heading straight for the City of Medievia. They have not been stopped by any other mob faction or race and are growing in numbers. They should reach Medievia tommorrow. There is a rumor a few clans are actually helping them. What to do! Unite and defeat this menace? Let them take over the city for a few weeks? Can the players of Medievia unite to a common cause? What about the dammed trolls that have taken over tear for the last month? A few months ago the fairies almost became annihilated as they finally destroyed their arch enemy the legion of vampires. Medievia 4.0 was just the building blocks towards a living breathing world in which the players participate and live in. We have our own time line, it is year 546 in Medievia. What will your character do in the upcoming years to affect Medievia? What will your clan do? Medievia is its players, all future versions will support that.

And of course plenty of smaller changes. I dare say the Medievia code is actually different in one way or another every day of every year, forever.

Long live Medievia! Our goal is 50 million players online during prime time. Tell your friends what they are missing! Medievia needs them and they need Medievia!

-Vryce, Father of Medievia

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