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This is a paper written by me, Vryce, the owner, manager, and main programmer behind the game-world we call Medievia. This is simply a paper about the meaning of life, God, and religion. This paper is just one mans perspective of life, my perspective, and a perspective that I feel I need to share. I have searched for God my entire life but my own reasoning got in the way. Then one day the veil was lifted! I found God. I wanted to share it with my family. I especially wanted to share it with my kids and explain to them in the meaning of life, in terms even a child could understand.

Wouldn't it be great if every parent took the time to write a deep essay on their feelings about God for their kids? There would be a voice of reason seeded in our children's developing thoughts. Did you ask your parents, 'Where does God come from and how could God know the answer to that question?', 'Why am I told that God works in mysterious ways?', 'What happens after death?', 'Where is God?', and countless other simple questions a child needs to ask? Would you want logical answers that seem instinctively true? These are the things I have struggled with and searched for. These are the things this paper talks about.

After writing it, I felt I needed to share it with more than just my family. In the end I felt I had to because I find that I love all of my friends too, and their family, and their friends. It is easy to love. It is hard to explain love, God, or reality. It took me 41 years, but as you will see, I blame the veil.

This is simply another voice of reason people could ponder, some will believe it, while others will call me crazy.

God. What is God? Who is God? Where is God?

You have looked for answers. You know about theories and religions. You have your own ideas about God. Your parents had their ideas, as well as your grandparents, and so on. Everyone is on a search for God in some small or great extent as they go about enjoying life. Everyone is on a search for the meaning of life.

Here we go.

What is God? Where is God?

What does reality say about God? What does God say about our reality?

I have a perspective on God that has set me free. You have learned much about many perspectives on God, you may as well spend an hour and learn a new one.

This is a logical journey in search for God. During the search we will only go where self evident logic points us. We will use science to see if the theory matches reality. We will look at God from a purely logical standpoint from Gods perspective as well as our perspective. We will look at the fabric of space and time, consciousness, and what would first be needed before they could logically exist. We will simply search for God as best as we can, using logic, reality, and gut instinct to guide us.

Here is a little bit about myself. Normally this would be found at the end of a paper but I felt that it would help to understand this paper best if the reader could see things from my perspective, which is unique because of the game world I have been creating for 15 years, and because of the pain I have to endure.

I was raised catholic. I went to a catholic highschool for boys. I studied the bible deeply. My sister and some other people close to me were the crazy end of the scale charismatic Christian types. My Nana truly believed that she would burn in hell if she missed mass, so she never did, she would often go more than once a week just to make sure. In the end I found it very hard to believe that my parents, grand parents, and the people before them, would put such an important thing as God in the hands of a bible written back when logic said the world was made of earth, water, air, and fire. It was not until 1651 that peoples deduced logic realized it was sperm and eggs that creates new life. Think about what we did not even know a few decades ago. Adults would tell me only a sissy would use a car safety belt when I was growing up. I grew up thinking adults were crazy, all except the scientists who seemed to have at least some grip on reality.

I always felt like a man out of time. I searched for the truth in animals. When I was young, I turned my parent's house into a zoo. This continues to this day, my house is a zoo. I have a way with animals. I am that type of person. I feel that I can know what it is like to be their consciousness staring back. I have nurtured and taken care of more than most throughout my lifetime. I was always sad when they died and I spent much of my youth pondering their death and my individual sadness of missing them. I was always happy when they gave birth. New life was happening right in front of my eyes.

I have loved astronomy since I was a child. Astronomers look up at the night sky and contemplate infinity, and what came before that. It makes no sense, and yet there it is, and here we are existing in this impossible infinite reality. On a clear night, take your binoculars and spend some time looking at the wide view of reality, the night time sky.

My mom died of cancer when I was 18 and for years after I could think of little else except death. It took her a long time to die and it was not fun, it ruined part of me for a long time. My family was not the best, but my mom more than made up for the rest. Her death affected my every thought for years as I developed into a man.

I have a condition that causes me great pain. I get a few kidney stones every year, over 50 and counting now. I have learned a great deal about pain and from questioning its purpose. I have suffered incredible physical torture more often than anyone I know of. Long term pain gives you a unique perspective in that you end up enjoying pain free days so much more. All you want is a normal day to enjoy life, and each moment. You end up enjoying life more than you would have without the pain.

I own, run, and program Medievia, one of the oldest continuous massive multi-player worlds on the Internet. I program a whole world, right down to the breaths the players take. I started making Medievia in 1991, we opened in 1992, we have been open every day since, and every day we add a new feature or balance an old one. Medievia has never closed and will never force people to start over for a new feature or version. It is a game that is forever. In a way you can say I have spent 15 years in a strange game induced God simulation. The longer I have programmed the code behind the Medievia world, the more I see some undeniable leaps of logic written in our very existence. I see these self evident logical truths written in the very fabric of space and time. As a programer of perhaps the oldest programmed virtual world, I have a unique well-honed talent to find common denominators in all things. It seems odd, but before Medievia no one has ever really tried to ponder what it means to make a world to such a degree. Except for the search for God I have pondered little else for 15 years.

I am also a scientist, an observer who keeps up to date in all of the latest leaps of undeniable logic, true science about the real reality as we see it. I am a science junky and consider myself well versed in every field of science, the history of every field of science; physics, quantum theory, biology, you name it.

I have always searched for God. I did not realize how hard I have been searching until 911. I look back and realize that is seems to be the key to my existence all along. I may not be a priest in some crazy religion, but I have pondered God as much as anyone, and I have done it with an open mind.

Lastly, like you, I have been involved deeply in the new age's first flicker of life, the Internet, satellite communications, cheap world travel, and in many ways the end of national borders.

This is one mans search for God though logic and faith in what is apparently real. I am just another soul to tell you that I have found God, and that perhaps you should listen to my perspective because it is unique.

Ready? Lets begin our search for God.

What is God? That is what we wish to know. Nothing is more important to humanity. This is logical. Understanding God would affect every moment of everyone's existence. Understanding God would give us the meaning of life. In today's time, understanding God is the key to it all because this new age brings with it so many dangers.

We will be taking some leaps of logic. We will have to look at alternatives and find common denominators in the facts of our existence. We will attempt to look at existence from the inside out and from the outside in. I believe that is the key. We will make one logical leap after another, building an answer, an answer to it all.

If you believe in God, you are set for what is to follow. If you do not believe in God or are unsure if God exists, read on but do me a favor. Look up in the night sky and contemplate infinity. Think about why is there the pace of time, even more importantly, what would existence be like with no time? Think about, what is God? OK fine, but even more important, as a coder and a deep thinker I look at boolean logic for everything as that is how you often get to the root of the issues, so, even as important as what is God, what is not God?

If you do not believe in God, where did you come from?

You must believe in God. That is how I see it anyway. Believing in God is, to our good fortune and tragic despair, a common-leap of undeniable logic, that people come to all on their own. Even way back in ancient times people were capable of understanding this concept, that God must exist. Even more personally, most of us feel it. We feel it, and I know why.

What is God? Where is God? Why does God not answer directly? Why is their suffering? Can we touch God? Can we know God? Is life after Death? I declare that the answers to all of these questions are answerable, and provable through simple and logical deductions. The answers are right before us, as God would surely intend.

I call this paper ‘Flawed' because I believe it can end the biggest Flaw of our nature.

When you program a world to exist, you do the best you can. God would do the same. You find the best way to program things. You find the cleanest and most simple common denominators, and break things down to their most simple level, so that what emerges from these very basic things is the complex world you want. That is what programming a world for so many years has taught me. Nothing is perfect so, even while having the best programming, flaws can appear as an outcome of even the very best way to program something. Medievia players are well aware of some of these flaws in our game. The players and I have spent over a decade trying to think of a better way to program the world so some flaws are removed. This sometimes makes more flaws, or a worse flaw, so we let the flaw continue. We build the game the best we can. We play on.

When you program a game you are working from the outside in. When you play the game you are working from the inside out. I have the unique perspective from both places every day of my life. The best players literally remove the flaw from within the game. The players play the game in such a way so that the flaw has no power. They generally just ignore it or make rules on how to deal with it. The best players understand the flaw so well that, through their common actions, the flaw does not even happen.

I see a flaw in our real world that the players, humanity, must remove. I see it as clear as day.

I see this paper as an incredibly upbeat, feel good, good for you paper of pure fact as can be seen from existence. It is a shame to call such an insightful paper something as downbeat as the Flaw. I have changed my mind on this many times. I feel that the Flaw has taken over this world to such a degree that it now threatens to destroy humanity. What am I trying to say? Don't let the title get you down. This is a feel good paper.

I cannot think how to easily explain the first leaps of logic. It is hard to explain. You will have to wrap your mind around the concepts, look for flaws in the logic, or possible alternatives to what I am about to say. These are the core facts of our existence so you truly have to surround the logic mentally and dig deep into what will be said.

Here we go.

The first leap of logic says that God would not be perfect. God would be flawed in some way, otherwise, nothing could exist. Perfect is a very deep concept, especially when talking about reality, physics, time, and the meaning of life.

If God was perfect there would be no real existence. There would be no Chaos or Order, nothing would happen, time would not flow. If God was perfect, time could not flow. You have to understand that this is a leap of logic that is actually true. God has to be flawed in some way. In some, even very small way, God must be flawed. If God was purely perfect, the only thing God could make, or witness, or be a part of in anyway, would be perfect. Any kind of existence must come from something other than pure perfection. Do you see this? Time does not flow unless something happens, and that something cannot be pure perfection. Let us continue with some more logic.

God is everywhere. God is everything. What else is possible? No matter what you believe, how can there be anything that is not God?

Where do Chaos and Order come from then? You have to understand God would not want ‘something' to happen, God would want ‘everything' to happen. How can everything happen?

The only way is if the base of all things was pure uncertainty for infinite time. This is undeniable logic. I like to describe uncertainty as Chaos and Order because out of uncertainty this is the first thing that must emerge.

Where would you put Chaos and Order? In all of the fabric of space and time, where would you, as God, place Chaos and Order? Every aspect of every universe must come from this one thing, unpredictability, or uncertainty if you will, for infinite time.

I say that the only possible place is hidden behind the knowable world. You would hide uncertainty in the root of the very fabric of existence. Doesn't that make sense? Where else would you put it? This is a good theory. You cannot place it anywhere else. That is where it belongs. As a programmer and an architect of a world that has chaos and order built into it, I can tell you that is where I would put it. I would hide chaos and order in the roots of the fabric of space and time. In other words, it would be in the smallest undividable thing by size or time.

When scientists probe deep into space and time at the quantum level, this is exactly what they see. It is unexplainable to many but I see it as the only way possible. It is there every time and is testable. It is the uncertainty principle we find behind the fabric of space and time. It is the bedrock of quantum mechanics, the most successful theory of reality. There is not a scientist on the planet that would disagree. I wish I could quickly explain the uncertainty principle just because of how crazy it is and yet how true it is. Of all of the weird fairy tales you may learn growing up that are false, this crazy bedrock of reality as we know it is even more crazy. If you probe reality at the smallest observable pieces, you find pure uncertainty.

So let me sum up the leaps of logic we just made.

For time to exist, something must happen. If there was no pace of time nothing could happen, and if nothing happens there could be no pace in time. This is fool proof reasoning, stuff happens, time does indeed exist. Here we are indeed, existing.

What stuff happens so that time exists? Chaos and Order. The base of all things, unpredictability, that is what must happen at the core fabric of space and time. When we look, that is what we find.

Before we are done with quantum physics, lets try to gain a perspective on something truly stunning about the fabric of space and time as we know it.

Another strange thing about the quantum world is the spooky connection between the observer and the observed. Observing something has an effect on what is observed. There are some ways to look at the laws of nature that state that there is nothing, no reality, no phenomenon until it is observed.

Why is that? Why?

I think every scientist has pondered this. Einstein spent most of his life pondering this stuff. I have twisted my mind around many flawed explanations. There seems to be only one possible answer.


God is everything. Everything is God.

This means God is the quantum field. God is every rock. God is every drop of water. God is everything. God is the observer and the observed.

You are God.

I will go to great lengths to explain how I believe this to be a fact, and why you should too, you are God.

Ok, so now, why in the quantum world does nothing seem to get decided unless it is observed? This is one of the strangest aspects of anything humanity has ever learned about reality as we probe it.

The reason is, God is everything, how else could it work?

That may sound simple, and it is, but there is logic there, you have to see the forest through the trees on this one. It in fact could only work this way. It comes down to that important question, what is not God?

If God is the quantum field, which is basically stuff happening making time exist, then God is everything, then God is both the thing being observed and the observer. Nothing can not be God, as there is no nothing, there is only God, well then, do you see?

This is how it must work. Nothing is decided until it is observed because there is only God and God is everything. Nothing is nothing. If God, as the observer, observes God the object, then something happens, or is decided, or measured, otherwise surely nothing does, or can. And that is what we see as we probe the fabric of space and time. It is the most twisted aspect of the world of science. It is also a proven undeniable fact through many experiments.

I see this as proof that God exists. God is everything. God is time. God is the smallest thing and God is the largest thing.

There is no nothing. How can there be nothing? There is only God. We see this right in the very fabric of space and time. We see it in the chaos of the unpredictable nature of quantum mechanics. We see it in the twisted logic of the observed and the observer. The fact is, if everything is God, and God is everything, this is how it must work. If time allows things to happen, and those things at the finest level must be unpredictable, this is how it must work.

It seems to me that the two most crazy aspects of quantum mechanics, the most successful theory of reality, point to the fact that everything is connected because everything is God. God is time. God is uncertainty. God is the observed. God is the observer. Outside of that nothing happens.

Einstein pondered at the pure unpredictable nature of the fabric of our existence, the quantum world. He believed in God and was in search of God. About the uncertainty principle he agreed, like every scientist does and still do, that it is there at the bedrock behind reality. He said that he could not believe God would play dice. It troubled him and he spent the rest of his life struggling over it.

If you get to the smallest part of space and time, all predictions are off. It is truly like a flip of a coin. Who decided? It is indeed Odd that when we really probe space and time we find the uncertainty principle. I say that it is not odd at all. I say a smart free thinker could have predicted it ages ago. There is no other way that it could be. I see this clearly. God is all.

You are God. You are God right now reading this paper. This is what I truly believe. Let it sink in a moment.

You are God.

You, your consciousness, is God enjoying life. You are God playing the game of life if you will.

Don't get too excited about some hidden powers. God would not want all-powerful abilities when God lives, and you do not have these powers. God would want uncertainty and mortality, which is built into the fabric of existence. This is the perspective I have had to live with as a developer of a game world and also as a player in the same world.

Let me give you an example. I am a very big Philadelphia Eagles fan. If I had all-powerful abilities, the Eagles will win the Superbowl this year. Philadelphia fans have four major sports teams and we have not won anything in twenty-five years. The suffering we feel is spectacular. I could never enjoy the Eagles again if I had those powers, even if I did not use them. You cannot enjoy the inside of the world if you can affect it from the outside.

So no hidden powers to get excited about, but you should get very excited about the fact that, you are God. It may change your life. It may change your perspective on every aspect of your life. For some this paper will cause an awakening and peace of mind.

Ok, where is the Flaw? How, or in what way would God be flawed? I have given this a great deal of thought. Apparently there is only one answer. We stated earlier that God must not and cannot be perfect or time cannot flow.

Much of what you read next will explain that God has to have at least one Flaw. God has no choice, if existence is to exist, it all comes from this one Flaw.

The Flaw has many names, most know it as the Original Sin.

The original sin is the key to all life.

Medievia, the game world I play god over, has taught me an undeniable truth. There must be Chaos and Order or time has no meaning. That is what we will call an undeniable leap of logic. It is an undeniable fact of any possible reality. It is like saying, what would happen to time if nothing happened? You see the undeniable truth of it? If we say Time exists, we say Chaos and Order must exist. We proved it. We will build on this. What emerges from Chaos and Order in infinite time?

Here is a big leap of logic. It is huge. It is enlightening. It is also so simple that it cannot be untrue.

Here is the all important leap of logic:

God lives in reality. What emerges from Chaos and Order in infinite time? Consciousness does! Science tells us that this is surely true and indeed most people believe this to be true. Of all of the things that we find in reality, is anything more important than consciousness? Is anything more sacred?

We now understand most of the biology and physics behind homo sapiens, we understand the egg and the sperm, through development, into a conscious being. Even in the future with better understanding of how neurons work, even 100,000 years into the future, we will have to ask the question, but who is the spark of consciousness that says, where did I come from? We will ask, who is the soul and where did it come from. We may not have to ask how in the future but we will still have to ask who.

These are not just words. You are God. How could God not choose to exist in the world? If God is everything, God must exist in this world. Never mind that leap of logic, how about this one, God would decide to exist in the world. Think about it. Would God choose to exist in the world?

Would God choose to enjoy the world? Would God choose to Live? Would God have a choice? This part is key to this paper. Would God play the game?

If God chose not to live, to take it easy, not to partake in the pace of time, then God would just be a timeless spaceless non entity, a holy ghost of nothingness and everything all at once.

Lets call this proven. God exists in the world. God lives! Does this seem true to you? I do not see this as speculation, or in need of any faith. I see this from some purely logical deductions.

God would surely choose to play in the game of life. The fact is, God would indeed have no choice at all. I am saying, do not look at this so it may seem possible, or be probable, see it for the fact that is true, it has to be this way. Consciousness is real, reality is real, God is everything, consciousness is God playing at enjoying life.

What does proven mean anyway? Many obvious leaps of logic are what we would call proven. You have probably heard that there are an infinite number of prime numbers. Euclid proved this in 300 BC, it is no great leap of logic. It just has to be. Proving something from the reality we see is not very hard. It just takes logic.

Happiness must be defined as not being Sad. Sadness must be defined as not being Happy. One cannot exist without the other. That is something that I would consider to be proven.

God would choose to exist in the world. How could God not? God is everywhere. God is everything. I see this as proven. Lets now continue our logical search for God.

God would not only be everywhere, but God would be everywhere at every time, in all existence.

Logic says God would want to play the game of existence, otherwise why bother? Why else have places in space and time? That is undeniable. Do you see it? What would God be if God did not exist? What would God be if God did not wish to? You must see this undeniable fact clearly, as everything that follows builds on it.

God would want to exist. Believe it!

What is existence? What is it made of? God is everywhere, it is made of God. God is everything and everything is God.

What does that make you?

OK, so God chooses to live, where to live? The undeniable leap of logic would say everywhere. But God could not do that and be able to predict what will happen. That is not enjoying life. Do you see how it cannot be? I can attest to this fact. I build Medievia and I play Medievia. Life is not being an all-knowing god. It is not even possible to enjoy a game very much when you know everything about it as god. This is a unique perspective I have that I hold to be more than just words. I find that I can believe these facts much more than anything any religion has ever told me.

The undeniable fact is, when God plays at enjoying existence, God would not want to see past death. I see this as proven. How else could it work? And look, here we are existing. You and I.

This is pure logic. How could God exist in existence and not have time mean anything? Imagine every spark of consciousness that you have ever seen were the eyes of God looking back. All of these leaps of logic will build on each other.

We spoke about the fabric of space and time and finding God in the quantum world. God is everything. We spoke about how God would surely want to exist and enjoy life. We spoke about Chaos and Order. We also spoke about how God cannot be perfect. It is not possible.

God must be flawed in some way. In one way at least. There must be a Flaw.

Most of you have probably asked yourself the following mind game question many times. Does God wonder where God came from? That is a mind bender because, like the term infinity, logic makes no sense. There is reality or there is not, right? Even God would have to wonder where God came from, right? It in end all existence comes from two possible things, yes or no, true or false, to be or not to be. Did God make God? God could never answer this question logically could God? What is interesting is that, from what I see, God is off the hook about answering it because of what I am about to say.

God must be flawed in some way. In one way at least. There must be a Flaw.

As Vryce, the architect of Medievia who also enjoys playing it, I have a unique perspective on this.

God would choose to be flawed in that God does not know God is God when God exists.

I repeat as it is so important.

God would choose to be flawed in that God does not know God is God when God plays, when God lives, when God enjoys existing. God would choose to be flawed in that God does not know God is God when God lives. If God did figure it out, that God was God playing, God would not want to have Godly powers.

There is only one way to do this. There is obviously only one possible way to pull this off. Just like there is only one way to define a circle, there is only way to pull this off.

God would not be able to see past conscious death.

I believe that this is what religions call the original sin.

It is a leap of undeniable logic. The more you try to assail this logic, the more clearly you see the truth in it. Give it a try.

Imagine God playing the game of life. Imagine God watching an Aerosmith concert, or watching a football game, giving birth, an astronaut in space, a mom, a dad. Would God be enjoying life? You bet! Would God enjoy these things if God was all knowing and seeing?

Would God want to see past death? The answer is surely no. I see it as clearly as Einstein could see his theories and his leaps of logic. I see this as unescapable reasoning. Sure it is easier to say this from the outside looking in, because from the inside looking out death is a scary concept. That is the point though. Life would mean nothing without death. It is the same as saying you cannot have happiness without sadness.

Life would not exist without God. Life is God. God is life. I have read much of what Einstein has written, if not all of it that is easily available in English. I believe Einstein felt the same way. Sorry if I keep mentioning Einstein. He is a hero of mine. How he persisted in the concept of photons as simultaneously both a wave and a particle for so many years before finally being proven right was one of the bravest intellectual things any human mind has ever done. Almost every scientist thought he was nuts, and that there were just waves of energy and not particles of energy. Einstein was a free thinker and someone who realized the true nature of time, frames of reference, and other crazy aspects of our reality. He was often heard explaining what he believed God to be, and that God is the garden itself. He did not have Internet game worlds to experiment in or to design. He did not have to program a world that must last forever. He did not know half of what we now know, but he knew the truth of it.

Teach your children:
God is the garden, God is the sky, God is you, and God is I.

Who is God? That is what this paper is about.

You are looking out of the eyes of God.

What does that mean? You have been looking out of the eyes of God since the moment you awakened as an infant. God is everywhere. God is you. You are God. You cannot have one without the other. This is a logical deduction that can be proven if you are following all that I am saying. It is also the undeniable fact of nature of space and time that we have probed.

If you are God, what does this mean for death? It means game over, play again. That is simple.

What else could it mean? Anything else violates what existence means. Death means nothing in the end if we are all God on the outside of life, and yet death means everything in the end at the same time. Otherwise, life would be meaningless. Can this be denied? You cannot have Life without Death. You cannot have Death without Life. God would choose to live and God would choose to die.

When I say death means nothing in the end, do you see the wisdom in that? Think about it. Would you want Death to mean much? You would not. If we are God playing at the existence of life, then death is really important but in the end it means nothing as well. Odd. Elegant. Beautiful. As nearly perfect as is possible, just one Flaw can be found in all of existence. I consider this a pretty good job at designing reality!

When I say death is also everything, do you see? It is. You cannot have life without death. So, for the here and now, for you, death means everything, even if you believe that you are God. It is as undeniable as how much I miss my mother. My sadness at her departure from my existence is as real as existence itself. Death means everything and nothing, just as it should. This is a perfect concept. It is nearly flawless, except for the original sin. And yet the original sin makes it possible.

Does this concept of death make you sad because you die and you cease to be you? If it does, it is because you have been involved in an effect of what I call the Flaw, Gods original sin, our biggest Flaw. Let me explain.

The facts are simple. You must have the original sin for existence to exist. That is undeniable if you follow what I am explaining. God would choose not to see past death when enjoying life. When God plays the game of life, God does not wish to know everything or there would be no such thing as time, existence would cease to exist. The original sin is the fact that when God enjoys life God does not, and cannot, see past death. When God enjoys life, God wants to really enjoy it!

The concept of an original sin is part of almost every religion and they all point to this one perspective of it in some way. It is odd that for all of time, we agree on this one thing in some way in religions. And yet....

The Flaw is a particular outcome of the original sin, religion itself.

Religions are a result of the Flaw, of the original sin. God cannot play the game and know everything. Trust me God just would not want to, God could not, would not, do it that way. It would not even work. So we have no memory of past lives, past plays of the game, in other places and times. We ponder our own existence and that is part of the Flaw and also part of life itself.

God must be flawed, we proved that earlier.

God has just one Flaw and this is it, the original sin. See how clean that is? Does this feel right to you? Do you see another way for it to work?

We can go back to Chaos and Order. If God is everything, than everything must be possible. Time cannot exist without stuff happening. The stuff happening cannot be predictable or ‘everything possible' won't happen. That is a fact of the term infinity. It is a leap of logic that I see very clearly. I see the original sin tied to this as well. I do not think there is a choice. Chaos and Order, the very unpredictability of the fabric of space and time says that, death must exist. Otherwise, everything would not happen, including life.

We do not want for just some stuff to happen, I do not think it could work that way. God is everything. Everything must happen, including life. We will build on this later. Let us get back to the original sin of God not seeing past death. I just wanted you to notice that it ties into Chaos and Order. Let us get back to the Flaw.

Religion comes in and the Flaw is born, it is a natural outcome of the fabric of existence if God plays a game and does not know better. Do you see? I can explain this in much greater detail.

Before we talk much more about the Flaw, lets get a definition of religion. This is from Wikipedia: "Religion is the adherence to codified beliefs and rituals that (generally) involve a faith in a spiritual nature and a study of inherited ancestral traditions, knowledge and wisdom related to understanding human life. The term "religion" refers to both the personal practices related to faith as well as to the larger shared systems of belief."

I ask you to read that again and pay attention to the phrase "study of inherited" and how it is connected to the whole definition.

I like most of the words in this definition; wisdom, faith, knowledge, spiritual, understanding, study, traditions. The problem words are adherence, ancestral, and worst of all is inherited. It is like saying God would not want us to learn anything new about our self. This is why the Flaw is bad. If in 1,000 years mankind calls this one true path this paper speaks of a religion, then the above definition would be fine, but only if mankind has not learned anything new about our self, which would be a shame.

Eons ago we pondered alone and with our nearby neighbors. We did not have cars and electronics. We did not have any real understanding of anything. The original sin was in full effect back then. There was no great sharing of knowledge. Religions popped up because of the original sin. God does not know any better so you cannot blame God. You cannot blame yourself. You are forgiven. I truly believe this to be the absolute fact. When God burnt innocent witches in Salem, God is forgiven. When God rammed the towers on 911, God is forgiven. That is an undeniable leap of logic. It all comes from the original sin, the one true Flaw. Most of humanity's suffering has come from this one Flaw. This one Flaw is a pretty bad one but yet this one Flaw must exist.

Why do so many religions treat women different from men? Why can't the pope be a woman? Jesus never said anything of the sort. The religions that treat women horribly are the ones where it is even the prophets of the religion who place male above female, as if their God said so, so it becomes part of their code, laws, and doctrine. Would God want us to learn anything new about our self?

One piece of logic builds on another.

Would God wish to be innocent? That seems natural right? The only way for that to happen is to not be able to see past death. Do you see this logic? Newborns are innocent. Their only sin is the original sin. God is innocent. How else could this be?

Religions end up being what they claim to be against, that which tries to trick us away from God. They have beheaded scientists, killed millions of people for having a different idea about God, preached to us about insane concepts that once seemed to explain so much more than what was known at the time of their prophets. Today many people will die because of religion, as they will tomorrow, and the day after. Today a young child will be told false truths from their parents and the child will be tricked away from God.

You can see this in the Christian baptism. They say you are the sinner when you are born and will be a sinner until you become part of their religion. You start becoming part of their faith and rigid ancient beliefs with the ritualistic sacrament of baptism. They basically say you are forgiven for your sin for being conscious. I say the sin is Gods sin and Gods choice and it is being born that makes you innocent, as God. The sacrament is a sin because it tricks the child away from Gods plan.

So in the past there was no global communication. There is now, and yet these religions still exist. They are threatening to tear humanity apart.

This is an interesting aspect of our world we find ourselves in.

Who am I to judge? As you see, I have every right to judge. I am God. You are God. We will all be judged by God. I will explain my feelings on judgement clearly and in depth from a logical standpoint in a moment, but first I have to point out an apparent logical deduction from this thinking about the Flaw. As a man who likes playing games this next part truly fascinates me.

We live in an age and at a time where and when God can no longer be forgiven so easily. I am not sure what it means, but it is what made me feel I had to write this paper. It is like we are in a more advanced game playing at a harder level than any known past of our known reality here on Earth. The very fact that you are reading a paper saying that you are God makes it so.

If we are God playing at the existence of life, and we cannot see past death, and when we play and we cause suffering, in this day and age we can no longer be forgiven so easily. We should now know better.

Religions popped up because God did not know better. In this day and age, in this time and space, God should know better. You should know better.

Many religions have some grand ‘test' built into their dogma. They say our life is a test with some form of heaven or hell after death. Well perhaps the true test is advancing to the next level by understanding the obvious and the logical. The true devil is religion, because it is religion that attempts to trick us. Do you see this? If what I am saying is true then it is religion that is trying to take us away from God. It is religion that does the best job at steering humanity away from the one true path.

There seems to be a simple rule that we all understand. The rule is that we are responsible for how we play. The more you understand, the more leaps of logic you are privy to as you exist, the more you are responsible for your actions to other life forms. Why? Sadness is real. Understanding is real. This should seem as true to you as any aspect of your existence. It requires no great leap of logic. Sadness is as real as a rock you can hold in your hand.

We live in an age where logic has probed the world from its smallest pieces to its largest scales. We have deduced it all with leaps of logic from what we see and what is real. We live in an age where not only are these leaps of logic available to God playing at life, but we also have global communication. Let me explain this logic because it is not obvious.

When a little girl is killed in the woods and no one knows she is missing, does anyone feel bad? No. Back in the day who felt bad? The local neighbors, when they found out. Then communication happened and newspapers happened and then towns and cities felt bad. These days with global communication, the whole world feels bad.

The whole world.

We have reached an age in this particular time and space where we are responsible for a lot. We know a lot of facts about reality. At what point is God responsible when God plays? At what point are you responsible for making sadness? We are indeed playing in a more advanced age of the game of life in this time and space, and at a harder level. We can thank Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Bohr, and our need to search for the truth.

Now, in this space and time when God plays, God knows biology, archeology, physics, astronomy, quantum mechanics, the basics of all religions, etc. That is key but there is also the world wide events in real time. Global communication spreads sadness as people read about the girl being killed, it also spreads knowledge so we can all know more facts of existence.

We can feel what it is like to exist in all other societies, religions, levels of wealth, and levels of basic happiness and sadness.

We are at the crux of something new, a new way of thinking.

We can all think together and relate to each other.

Humanity is ready to become enlightened. We are all brothers and sisters, we are all family. We can choose Chaos or we can choose Order. The age of enlightenment is when humanity begins to understand the facts I speak of. It is when the age of Order begins, born out of Chaos, as God has planned all along.

Open your eyes. Look at history, religions, biology, astronomy, physics, look at the facts. Even if your parents instilled the Flaw into you, you now know better. This is the age of enlightenment.

You are God, enjoying life, and in this day and age you should know better. You will be judged on the sadness you have caused, the happiness you have caused, and mostly by the love you have felt and shared along the way.

Explain love? I think I can. I can explain it very clearly. Love is what it feels like to embrace God. You embrace love.

When you look in someone's eyes, do you see God? Is there another place you see God clearer?

As a child or later as an adult, no one would tell me what reality says about God. I was told that God works in mysterious ways and that it was a sin not to believe in countless religions. How could so many religions say that they worship the one true God and not to do so makes us sinners in all but one? Does any of that make sense to anyone? Does what I am saying make more sense?

Can you remember back when you were an innocent child and not yet touched by religion? You were closer to God then and you will be that close again if you embrace what I am saying.

Did you find yourself as a child wondering why God would need to be worshiped anyway? Perhaps you just thought God should grow up, needing to be worshiped is not very graceful.

Children see this as the last gulp of innocence as the Flaw engulfs them. False religion makes people sinners. It makes me cry just thinking about it.

Ok, that was depressing, let us move onward. We will look at God from a new perspective, that of an alien world.

Any logical answers for God should be one voice across all known space and time. This is logical. Are we made in the image of God? Is some other alien intelligent being? If there was one truth to God, as opposed to so many religions that all claim to be the one true dogma, logic says the answer should be the same for everyone, not just here in Earth. When we meet truly enlightened alien beings, we would expect them to have already reached the same conclusions about God that we may have. This is pure logic and the leaps of logic we speak about passes this test perfectly. Religions fail at this in grand spectacular ways.

God is in all things. God is in the fish. God is in humans. When you open your eyes as God playing, as a human in this space and time, you are pretty smart. You are capable of pondering existence itself. Is a fish? No. Not really. Can you? Clearly. Is the fish and the human consciousness God enjoying life? Yes.

Are you God? Do you believe that you may be God playing the game of life reading this right now? Does it make you happy? Does it set you free? It may be a struggle to come to grips with this concept. Usually it can take months before one gives it enough thought to break through and become one with the idea. Then life is awakened. Before then you may feel that there seems a part of you that struggles to truly embrace this concept, even a part of you that fights your attempt at feeling at one with the idea. I wish that was not the case but it is true and it is because of the Flaw.

Think about having a child and instilling the concept of this paper into them from the start. They would not have the struggle that you will feel as you shed so many past confusions about life and God built up over the centuries. My children will grow up this way. They will grow up learning about religions sure, but only because it is good to learn from history so we do not repeat the same mistakes. They will grow up with the wonder of God enjoying life.

An undeniable leap of logic is that, when it comes to game play, you and I are in a truly advanced age. The very fact that we understand this logic makes it so. The age of the Internet makes it so. The science and understanding of our world say so. Let me repeat: An undeniable leap of logic is that, when it comes to game play, you and I are in a truly advanced age. This is undeniable.

When a terrorist kills someone in this age, and they know many of our modern leaps of undeniable logic and do it anyway, they are the truly saddest part of being God. They have caused God much suffering and death. They are the saddest aspects of the Flaw. They are the Flaw. They are like players in a more advanced stage of a game, failing in the worst way possible and getting the lowest score possible. They disgrace themselves, you and I, and God.

We must embrace life because that is the point of it all. Our purpose is very simple and clear and obvious if we are God living life. The meaning of life becomes crystal clear.

Here is the meaning of life.

We are here to enjoy being here.

We may be human, fish, dog, it does not matter.

Consciousness is God enjoying life.

Now think about what love is. Imagine, does God love? Do you love? Who loves more? Does God love more than you? Do you love more than God? Is there a difference? These are the reasons we believe in God because in this way we feel the same as God. Why is that?

God is the rock, God is the quantum field, God is everything, God is time, God is the egg and the semen. When a being awakens and looks out, as a new consciousness that emerged from the biology and physics of the egg and the semen, that is God. God is consciousness. Who else could look out of those eyes?

Once a being awakens as new life, God is there looking out.

Can you feel God inside you? Is God inside of your mother? Can you feel the wonder of life? Stay with me a little while longer with a few more leaps of undeniable logic.

Chaos and Order state that there cannot be happiness without sadness. Happiness is literally the feeling of not being sad. Sadness is literally the feeling of not being happy. One cannot exist without the other. Do you see that clearly? God must be flawed. It all comes from that one original sin. Do you see how these things relate?

As the programmer of Medievia, I see that Religion is nothing more than a bad feedback loop caused by the original sin, in the programming of reality.

The bad feedback loop that starts with the original sin is when a parent teaches a child some religious faith other than the truth as we know it. God does not know any better because God could not see past death, and while God could not see past death, religious ideals could, in spoken word and written text.

The Flaw is an outcome of the original sin, the feedback loop is death, rebirth, and the re-teaching of the flawed religions that do persist after death.

This paper is called Flawed because the Flaw can finally be set free. The players in the game can play in such a way that the Flaw no longer even happens.

The loop can be broken in this day and age. The Flaw which results from the much needed original sin can be set free.

We have undeniable logic of science, of physics, of biology. What you see before you is undeniably real. It is as real as you can figure right? It is the truth. If what you can see and touch and imagine is not real, what is real? Why would God want you to believe in what was not real? Why would that be a good plan anyway?

Believe in what is real. Believe in logic. When God plays the game of existence God would want it no other way. This seems as an undeniable truth in the fabric of existence as any other.

So much can be explained from the original sin and the Flaw it caused.

Teach your kids:
The original sin caused it all. Without the sin there would be nothing at all. The original sin has to be, but removing the Flaw sets it free.

How does all of this make you feel? The sun will rise and you will play on.

Be God. See through God's eyes. See for yourself. Practice feeling like God playing at enjoying life and realizing that you are surrounded by God. Try to think of this paper during your day for a few weeks and try to see from the perspective of God enjoying life.

Spend a lifetime trying to prove this logic wrong. Just do not allow the Flaw to continue. Do not teach your children false truths. It is time to wake up.

It is my belief that these leaps of logic will last forever. It is my belief that they are the same leaps of logic that is true for every intelligent world in every universe of any kind anywhere. Every world with conscious beings intelligent enough to deduce these logical answers to reality would eventually come to these very same answers for the very same reasons. The common denominators of reality is the same for all time and space. God is God.

These are not my inventions or anyone else's, they are the simple truth.

These truths are the common denominators coded into the fabric of any possible existence for God and for us.

In Medievia some of the players become game developers and help add new features to the game, players call them Gods. It is the same for you and I. We see how the game can be better, and we change it. We choose. We have freedom of choice. How could God give God freedom of choice in any other way? A perfect God could only choose nothing, nothing would exist.

Use your God given freedom of choice.

We are at the first spark of the age of enlightenment. Worldwide instant communication in our world will let the truth spread. This changes everything because we all become responsible for everyone else. Feelings are real, they are the essence of God. When you feel, you are feeling God because you are God.

Let's look at some perspectives of God living life. In other words, when looking for godly guidance to help decide things, how does this perspective that everyone is God living life affect things?

Who would you vote for in politics? Let us take an imaginary election of Bush vs Clinton. One God understands little and has truly been blinded to the truth where the other seems to have understood it as much as any man could. .

President Bill Clinton was the best president in my lifetime. Look at how he played and imagine God playing the game of life as Bill Clinton. He has real and true empathy for everyone. He wants what is right. He also enjoys the game, sometimes too much. He had his flaws at times. God is flawed when God exists, he has to be. Bill Clinton embraces life, embraces humanity. He has true empathy for all people of all types.

President George Bush cares only for the power. Why? We have to forgive him. God does not know. Bush does not know. He is affected deeply by the Flaw. He started a war that has caused a hundred thousand people to die because his fairy tale God supposedly told him to. The Flaw is strong in George Bush.

They are both unique souls. They are both God. They are life itself, just as you are as you read this. Bill Clinton, Jesus, Einstein, these are good role models. George Bush and Bin Laden are the Flaw incarnate.

If everyone is God enjoying life, we can see a whole new perspective on everyone else and their actions.

If you follow these steps of logic further, an interesting outcome happens. Lets talk about judgement. Most religions give great importance to judgement and in this way they are right. This is logical, let me explain.

Are we judged?

Without judgement there is no game, no existence or meaning of life. Would God want that? Life would not be real if there was no judgement. If God is everything, how could God not be judged?

We are self judged by ourselves. God is everywhere, we are God, we judge our self when we die as we do when we live. When we judge our self, we pay in our resulting happiness and sadness, which is shared.

A suicide causes a deep sadness for those they left behind, and the lost possibilities. Giving up on life is betraying yourself and God.

The religious terrorist suffers a sadness that I cannot contemplate. Can you imagine?

Judgement is fascinating, lets dig deeper.

We find that we judge ourselves at every turn here inside reality. As beings, humanity self judges itself, and in more ways than would be needed if we did not have the Flaw.

Why do you find that you judge yourself?

Do you feel bad when you break a rock? Chew on a carrot? Step on an ant? Hook a worm on a fishing hook? Kill a mouse with a mousetrap? Make a child cry? Have to put your dog to sleep? Run over a cat with your car? Kill someone? At what point do you feel bad?

We judge our self only when we affect an intelligent self aware conscious, which includes one self. We all understand this. We all know this. Why is that? Why do we all agree with this?

Judgement is built into the ability to enjoy life. Once you are aware that your actions affect how other conscious beings are enjoying life at around the age of two or three, you begin judgement and never stop. This judgement then deeply affects how you can enjoy your own life. The judgement shapes who you are.

Does this seem correct to you? This is one of the most common denominators of consciousness. But why?

We feel this way because deep down we know when we look into the eyes of another being, it is God looking back. God is everywhere. God is everything. God is everyone. You are God.

We feel connected because we are connected.

Is there anything else in your existence you feel more connected to than other self aware conscious beings? Is anything else even important?

How would you feel alone forever? How would you feel if no one knew how well you did, or how poorly you did, or anything about you ever? How would you feel if you were alone and no one knew you existed? Is that life or is that death? This is why God lives.

I have a unique perspective on this as the architect of Medievia. The common denominator to existing seems to be very simple indeed. In fact it all comes down to just two things.

There is having fun, and there is judgement. This is the meaning of life.

In the end you cannot have one without the other. You cannot have fun if you judge that you caused sadness. You cannot really have fun unless others know about it, judge you, and agree that yes you are indeed having fun.

Judgement in all things at every turn for everything, not just sadness, but for happiness as well.

Our children are innocent. Can you blame them for the original sin? We can judge every being for everything except the original sin because without that, there would be no life and no judgement.

We know the Flaw. We feel the Flaw in past and current generations. We must set the Flaw free.

Through love we can teach all that is self evident, all leaps of logic that leads towards an undeniable proof. It is through the love for God that we search for God.

I say we are God and we want to enjoy living. We want to live, but we could not exist without the original sin. This makes this Flaw the one common denominator to all things.

Is this Odd? We exist in a time and place where this fact can be overcome from within the game world itself, so to speak. You can help end the Flaw and start the age of enlightenment. Odd indeed. It is Odd that we live during the first time when this one massive Flaw in existence can be ended. It is Odd that I open my eyes, as God, and find myself in a time and place where the Flaw can end. What are the chances of existing in this time and space?

Religions need to become part of our history.

Children need be able to truly feel one with the world that they see before them.

My heart leaps for joy when I realize that others can feel as I feel. My heart leaps and I feel chills when I think of the possibilities. These leaps of logic are undeniable. These answers make more sense than religious dogma, these answers feel correct, these are the answers that logic proves.

There is no faith in the unknown required to be at one with God. That would not be a good plan anyway.

Another interesting leap of logic is that, well, when you pray God is listening. Think about it. Why does God not answer? In Medievia you can use the pray command, and a God/Administrator will answer. Players pray when they need help. Some pray to thank us for our efforts. As the developer of a game world where we spend a lot of time answering prayers, I can tell you that God would not make a world that needed Gods interference or the need for answering prayers. God would surely not be that flawed.

When you pray God is listening because God is praying.

What happens if more people live their lives as God enjoying life? What would be the outcome? What would you change now that you know that God is the eyes behind every consciousness?

Healthcare for everyone for sure. Feed the hungry. Help the poor. What else? What about abortion, stem cells, prisoners, the death sentence? Abortions are ok before any true awakening happens. Stem cells will help God enjoy life more if they can cure disease. Prisoners must be treated with respect. War is wrong for any reason except to stop sadness and death.

Understanding the truth gives us clear guidance in all things. We do not need any simple ten commandments. We will get to the commandments later when I say there is but one commandment needed for the one true path, God's path.

How about having children? It means don't have too many kids, don't ruin the game space and cause sadness. It means don't have children unless you can nurture and teach your children with the same respect you would show God. It means having children is giving birth to God. It means another original sin, and a new chance to set the Flaw free.

Look at any perspective on anything and a simple truth comes out that seems evident when you realize all consciousness is God enjoying life.

What about drugs? Some booze to relax is fine. Getting drunk is poison to the body and it dampens the experience of life. Mind-expanding drugs that are not addictive or bad for you are ok in moderation, once old enough to respect them. Mind-altering drugs should not be used to replace a bad outlook when you are not happy. Expanding your mind is part of living. Imploding your mind is part of dying.

What about having sex and our sexual desire? Don't do it until you are old enough to to know what it is you are doing and wise enough to be able to know who it is you are doing it with. Don't have children unless you can nurture them as God living life. Don't cause sadness because of sexual desires, or any action you take. Respect others views on sex. Don't spread disease. Enjoy your body. Enjoy life. Enjoy love and sex. Enjoy any pleasures that do not cause sadness or harm to you or others. This all seems self evident.

Homosexuality is love, pure and simple. Judging someone because they are different comes from the Flaws fear of an imaginary evil that seeks to confuse. It is religion that seeks to confuse us and pull us away from God.

There is no good and there is no evil as religions claim. There is Chaos and Order. There is Life and Judgement. Good and Evil simply come from these things and could not exist without them.

You can apply the perspective that we are God living life to anything, from the important to the obscure.

How about the wrestling kids like to watch? God would not want the fake staged wrestling that some kids watch. It promotes bad concepts of good and evil, aggression, non-forgiveness, rage. God would like the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship instead. That is pure fighting for the fun of fighting. It is enjoying life. Combatants often use the same trainers, are not allowed to taunt each other, most of them train together, it is all built around respect and honor. They are friends and act that way while truly enjoying their sport to the max.

Of all of things we would change knowing these things, religion is the most important thing we should change. It is surely the first thing that needs to be changed. That is why I call this paper, Flawed.

We are one. We can fix this world. We can start now, we can start here.

Read the words of Jesus. Jesus knew the truth pretty clearly. The words of Jesus match these leaps of logic. Go and read the words of Jesus with this new perspective. It is a shame that the Flaw affected the words of Jesus so much. It is sad. These truths match the words of many great profits of our past, in many religions.

The Flaw just swallowed it all up.

Jesus did not have modern physics, biology, astronomy, archeology, and communication. He did not have the knowledge but he sure did have a good grip on things. Jesus was a free thinker and a deeply caring man. He hit upon the core facts of life and death, and of the father, son, and holy spirit. I have great respect for that being, the one we call Jesus. It is a shame his existence has caused so many hundreds of years of death and sadness. It is a shame every religion has to cause death and sadness for others. There are infinite ways to define sadness. How about the sadness when God plays the game, dies, judges himself, and when God played that time God killed Jesus. Sadness is real. Judgement is real. There can be no other way.

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas. They do so by giving everyone presents and receiving presents from everyone. Have you ever wondered why we are giving each other presents to celebrate the birth of Jesus? We give each other presents on the birthday of God as if we were God and closer to God by doing it, and it feels right.

Christmas is the most beautiful day of the year. The way people treat each other during Christmas is so real and so sacred and so beautiful that the air itself seems filled with good will towards man and God and all creatures great and small. It feels so right and happy that even many non-Christians embrace the day and what it feels like in their hearts and mind.

When you teach your child you are teaching God. You are helping God enjoy the game, helping God enjoy life. When you teach a religion that you know logic proves to be incorrect to your child, you are taking your original sin, your main flaw, and giving it to your child. That is the flawed feedback loop that has gone on since the birth of mankind here on this planet Earth.

It must end. It is time.

Teach your children what God wanted us to know and understand. Is that not the basic thing that all religions are based on, but falsely? Teach our children what we see, feel, and know. Teach what is real and can be deduced as best that we can. What we see and feel is surely what God wanted us to see and feel, and believe in, anything else is just stupid.

What we understand and what we know is now self evident. The next time you look into your child's eyes I ask you this, who do you see looking back at you?

Santa Clause does not exist, religions have as much basis in reality as Santa Clause. That is the fact as we know it. There are many religions all claiming to be the only truth, that is the fact as we know it. The facts of reality are screaming the truth about life, death, and God to us, and it all makes sense. These leaps of logic require no great faith in the unknown at all. What I present in this paper represents an extended logical outlook of existence as we know it from the inside out and from the outside in.

On any intelligent world there would come an age of enlightenment where the facts all point to one answer. And here we are. While I find it hard to truly focus on what infinity means, these kinds of thoughts make infinity knowable and beautiful. God gives a common denominator to all things. These are common leaps of logic that I cannot see how anyone can deny.

I feel like God on a journey, playing a game. Do you? The oddest thing for me is that I happen to be Vryce, the owner of one of the oldest multi player games in the world. It is odd. It is odd that according to these leaps of logic, I am God designing a game while actually playing a game of existence, and discovering the nature of God while building a game inside the game, and developing it outside the game as God living inside the game of reality.

In Medievia I invented a way for the programming to ‘DM Dungeon Master' the game world, the same way someone would be chosen to be the DM for table top role playing. Something needs to decide what happens, when, how, why, so the adventure is fun, so that stuff happens. Things could be scripted and predictable, or things could be random, or even better the game could react to what is happening with what I have been calling ‘predictable uncertainty'. I chose to try to code the right way, how God would do it, the hard and simple way. After years of thinking how to do this correctly I realized many of these truths are the same truths built into all existence.

The DM makes stuff happen, makes sure people are having fun, makes sure they experience some happiness, some fear, some sadness, and some pride, because that is what makes fun, you need all four. When a player dies they become sadder, when they gain stuff they become proud, when they run from something they become fearful, etc. I coded into the game hundreds of triggers that all adjust these four basic variables attached to each player, happiness, sadness, pride and fear. The DM tracks the pace of the adventure and adjusts what happens to achieve maximum fun. It may send a monster to kill you or something to rescue you, it may cause fear or take it away. I coded all of this into the game. It took me many years of thought but in the end I realized the answers on how to best code an artificial DM. I needed to balance things. Then I realized that the answers I found are the same for any space and any time in any possible real existence.

I simply track happiness, sadness, fear, and pride. I must balance happiness with sadness to achieve fun. One truly does not exist without the other. You cannot have fun without both happiness and sadness. For instance if you took a ship out onto the ocean to adventure in killing sea monsters, would it be fun if you never sank? I then soon realized that this is a leap of logic for everywhere that cannot be denied, not just for my game Medievia. I must also balance fear with pride. If you have too much pride without enough fear, you did not have the best possible amount of fun playing the game, it is the same in reverse. This is also undeniable across existence of the reality we live in.

I am apparently God, playing at living, while playing I am designing and playing the first game of its type to exist. While designing and playing this game, I realize these patterns exist in any and all existence, and that they are literally undeniable logical facts that God exists, what original sin must be, and answers to countless deep questions that we all seek. It is odd.

We can have children that do not have the Flaw from the original sin. God has to be flawed but as of this moment, in this age, in this time and place, in this world, we can choose not to be flawed for the first time in history. That is odd.

Knowing these things about God gives us answers about how to live. They give us answers to all things. They give us Godly guidance.

Does a pig on the slaughter farm feel fear near the end? Yes. Does this mean we should not eat pigs? No. Does it mean we should make sure pigs do not hear other pigs screaming as they are pushed towards slaughter so that there is no fear? Yes, it means everything should be pain and sadness free. There should be a natural balance and we should not upset that balance.

Do you believe that God would want you to live as God lives and to do as God would do? You really have no choice. Do you see this clearly? It makes sense. Feel God, be God, enjoy life.

The age-old phrase that we are made in the image of God is pure truth.

Let us continue. We explained love, what is true love?

True love between family and friends is the fact that, given the logical conclusion that you and your loved ones are God, you will find that you do not and cannot love them more because of this knowledge. You truly love them. This is true love. I love my wife Soleil as much before realizing these truths as I do now. I love Soleil as much as God. This is true love. I cannot love God more than Soleil and I cannot love Soleil more than God itself. Heaven is right here surely as Soleil is.

These reasons are the common denominators, the very core signatures of God in the fabric of existence. What else could true love be other than loving someone as much as God, no more or less. Look into your children's eyes, if that is God looking back, simply God looking back wanting to enjoy existence, do you find that you love your children any more or any less? Amazingly you find it to be the same thing, God or your child, it is the same.

The only thing wrong is the Flaw. Do you see the Flaw in your child? Do you feel it in yourself?

Want more oddness? The term - In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Do you see it? The father and the son are both God living life but they have the Flaw between them. The holy spirit is when God just exists, everything, not playing, the timeless part without the original sin. The father and the son and the holy spirit, all have the original sin between them, the one Flaw. The next time you pray, in the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit, think about it. Think about the original sin, and your children. We are all flawed. God has one original sin and everything that exists comes from that one fact.

In the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit. The prayer should be a prayer to stop the Flaw. Stop the Flaw, God's Flaw, your child's original sin, your Flaw. It makes perfect sense. It is written in the fabric of reality as clear as day. I applogize that a lot of this paper is repetitive. There are eons of Flawed beliefs that need to be overcome, for some people.

Are these leaps of logic a matter of perspective? You can look at it from any direction. No, it is not a matter of perspective. It is simply a matter of intelligence, knowledge, and communication. In this time and place, if you know a lot, you can see these facts as clearly as I see them.

Let me be clear. The original sin must remain. Nothing would exist without it. That is undeniable. The Flaw must end. The Flaw is not needed for our existence.

The Flaw is when we teach our children religious beliefs other than God's good common sense should allow. You are God. God is surely the spark behind your consciousness. God would surely want it to be so. This is logical. You need the pace of time to have consciousness, otherwise you would be an all important but all knowing timeless infinite holy ghost.

So here we are! The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

We have the pace of time, we have Chaos and Order, we have happiness and sadness, we have fear and pride, we are set.

We have LIFE, precious God given and God taken away life. There can be no there way. It all ties together perfectly.

I love the band Aerosmith. It gives me great happiness realizing that Aerosmith is God playing rock and roll, enjoying life and existence, learning from life and rocking on. The first music I purchased for myself was in 1973 at the age of eight years old, their album ‘Dream On'. The lyrics may sound a little bitter sweet, the music is anything but. To me the song represents God and the rapture of enjoying life inside the passage of time with the original sin.

These are the lyrics:
"Every time that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way
Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

Yeah, I know nobody knows
where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody's sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life
is in books' written pages
Lived and learned from fools and
from sages
You know it's true
All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away

Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year
sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
sing with me, if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until a dream come true
Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dream comes through
Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream On Dream On
Dream On Dream On"

Why do I say, ‘that is odd', so often? It is because of my perspective as a game world developer. I represent the coders or architects playing the games that they create. If we see un-coded emergent fascinating and yet incredibly unexplained things in the game, that is how the coder sees it. We would say, isn't that odd, and be happy. These things tickle our fancy. Unpredicted emergent oddities are what keeps us programmers rooted in the reality of Chaos and Order.

I love looking for odd things that show me truth. Let us look at music. Why do we enjoy music? This is a very interesting question. I came to this because if I am God enjoying life, why does God like music so much? I listen to a lot of music as I program Medievia. I play drums for fun and usually play along with music I like. I see some logic that may explain why we like music. In a modern band a drummer represents time, the base player represents order, the guitar players represent chaos, the singer represents God living and enjoying life. You need all of these things. That is why these things are the core of almost all music. You have time, chaos, order, and expression. We like music because, above all else, God enjoys life. You cannot have music without timing, chaos, order, and expression gained from enjoying life and time.

The next time your kicking back listening to music, let go, be God enjoying life and the music will affect you even more.

Enjoying life and time can be difficult. Do you ever get stressed out over time? Perhaps you find that you are so worried about the future that you cannot enjoy the moment? Perhaps judgement about your past haunts you so much that you can't enjoy the moment. Do these truths set forth in this paper help?

Let us look at time logically and at enjoying the moment.

Feel God inside of you. You are here to enjoy the game. Embrace all of the enjoyment you can. Ride the NOW like a wave, look at the next possible waves in the future but just live in the NOW.

Let us spend a moment to talk about time and the forever ending NOW. How does God see time? When we break down time to its very logical roots we find a strange answer.

There is actually no moving time at all, there is just a forever ending NOW.

We forever exist in the NOW. There is no past and future that will ever exist. There is the history of the past and the potential of the future but they will never exist. Time exists to give us just one thing, NOW. There is only God. God is everything. God is NOW.

There is one frame of reference.

In other words, for God to exist forever which surely must happen, there can only ever be NOW. God is limited to God. God is limited to NOW just like you and I are, and just like reality is.

It is a frame of reference problem. Since we say everything is God, and God is everywhere at every time, then that restricts all of existence to the NOW.

The laws of physics proves this out. God is everywhere. God is every time but that is just NOW. There is no other time existing somewhere else. This is what time is, it gives us NOW. There can be no going to the future or to the past.

The speed of light is both constant and independent of the observer. Einstein's special theory of relativity proves all observers will always measure the speed of light the same. This is nearly an insane concept and yet it is proven. This happens even if two observers are moving apart! Something there has to give and it cannot be God existing and observing, it is time. In other words, Einstein says, it is not God that gives way, it is time itself. Time is relative to God and forces all aspects of being God to being NOW. Time is only NOW. God is forever so God is forever in the NOW. This is what the special theory of relativity surely suggests.

There is no forever ending heaven and hell. There is just a forever ending NOW.

Your consciousness is the essence of God. Enjoy the pace of time, don't struggle against it. Feel God within you enjoying the moment. Every moment can be a new awakening whenever you feel like being self actualized as God enjoying life. Being happy is a state of mind with being one with God, in the NOW. Give God a chance to live through you and you will see that time is on your side after all.

These truths are not a religion. God does not wish to be worshiped, that is a truly silly concept. God just wishes to enjoy life. These truths are not a religion, they are the facts of our existence.

Look at humanity. We are so nearly perfect and yet we are far from perfect. Look at our flaws. Can you think of any of our flaws that do not start with the main Flaw that emerges from the original sin?

These truths are the wisdom of God that we find from the inside looking out, and from the outside looking in.

I say that a lot, the outside looking in or the inside looking out. That is because that is where the answers must be found, logically. That is generally what almost all religions are about, the other side. The other side. Sounds spooky right? I wonder why. I agree, it does, even to me. Let us be brave though and march on logically and take a look at the other side.

POP! Here we are on the other side. Imagine yourself as God and nothing else exists, just you, God. We can imagine this to be at a time before God decided for anything else to exist if you want, logically that will send us into another logical tail spin fall into time, and what time is. We will ignore that for now and just take a few turns of time logic and I will spare you the rest.

If nothing else but God exists how could God tell if time exists? There would be no reference to be made.

Did God ever exist alone, and then create the universe? Do we care? Should we? Would God want to remember that God existed at a time-place before anything else? Why? Logically you can begin to see things from a perspective from the other side. Let us continue!

So we can call it a blink of Gods eye or 999,999,999,999,999,999 times a google years, God may have existed before having anything else exist. It doesn't matter.

Then God makes a decision, assuming time exists otherwise even God could not actually decide anything. What is the decision? To make the universe? To make something else besides God?


To do what?

To not be alone?
To live?
To die?
To give life?
To test?
To have something unexpected happen?
To experiment?
To love?
To share?
To create souls?
To become souls?
To be worshiped?

All of the above? No. Surely not to be worshiped, all of the rest makes some sense but that. Logically, to wish to be worshiped you would need a big ego. God is not egotistical. God is surely not that flawed.

Lets continue looking at the other side. We can spend years doing this.

Is existence after death possible scientifically? It is hard to deny anything from our side as we obviously do not know a lot about reality. It would come down to the communication of consciousness to some other place and time, some other reality.

There are just two ways to do this logically.
1 - It is scientifically possible from the other side or from this side or both to do it with the physical reality of nature.
2 - It is done because God willed it to happen and it is done mystically somehow.

Consciousness cannot exist without time. As Einstein would say, there would be no frame of reference. Thought requires time, otherwise we would be the holy ghost of all and nothing. Let us put all of this aside and press on anyway into logical thinking about the other side.

Why have the other side? Why have heaven, or an after life, or for our more pessimistic bunch, hell? Why have life after death, logically?

There are three possible assumptions we can make about the other side.
1 - In this after life we are with God and no other consciousness.
2 - In this after life we are with God and other consciousness who died.
3 - In this after life we are not with God, consciously or physically, but we are with other consciousness, that also died.

Interesting. Where did these other consciousness die? Do we separate Earth from an alien world in this after life? Do we separate humans from whales? Have you given this any thought?

What would happen at this place? Pure happiness? Why? How could you tell without any sadness and without the sadness why would being happy matter?

Is this after life all order, or all chaos, or a mix? For pure happiness one would need pure order because sadness can only come from chaos if what you wanted was pure happiness, right?

Here is some more twisting logic that helps understand God. If it was just order, how could anything exist in the after life? Order would have to be perfect because it could not change unless it all happened from some perfect God's will, or in some perfect chaos proof scientific way that was made from God. That would leave us at the beginning again, is existence fractal? Thinking about the after life is very fascinating, logically.

Does chaos exist there in the after life? You have to understand that chaos is what gives us everything possible, the good, the great, the majestic, love, life, death, happiness, sadness, etc. Chaos is not evil, it is just not order, it is the opposite of order, and Chaos itself could not exist without being all mixed up with Order. Chaos gives us time but only with a dash of order. Pure order is timeless. Without time we have who knows what, but it must be pretty orderly!

So lets continue and look at the after life logically as if it exists.

We could be in a simulation right now. If we are, we may live past death or we may not. This simulation could even be in a simulation, like Medievia is.

Is the after life a simulation as well? Does death happen there? If not, it must not be a simulation as there would be no other side to the other side. Think about it.

We may not be in a simulation. Many people are probably wanting to scream at me for using the word simulation when talking about God. You have to understand, whether it is done through scientific physical process of some sort, or if it is gods will so it just happens, it is still a simulation if after life is real. If we die and our consciousness goes on, no matter what faith you have, that makes this life and reality a simulation.

That does not mean that this is not happening here in the now. We are indeed happening and existing, this is real. The atoms exist. The tree does fall in the forest when no consciousness is around to know or be affected by it in anyway. That, or the only logical way to say that this is not real is to say that we are in a simulation. The curious thing about that logic is it would mean you are alone, that this simulation is not multi-player. If it is multi-player, that very fact makes what we have here real, simulation or not. Do you understand why it would have to be real if more than one consciousness exists in it?

We can start to not even care if atoms are real. Logically they do not matter. If you are alone in a simulation, then every consciousness here is not in the after life and never will be, other wise we are not alone. You need to decide for yourself if you think your alone and the other supposed souls here are a simulation, or if we are all indeed real. I have decided for myself.

We are indeed here. I am here and it sure seems like you are.

I have spent years pondering this stuff. When you finish the journey of logic you come to the same answers I put forth in this paper. It may take some of you decades, years, months, or days to go through all of the logic of thinking about God and the after life. It took 41 years. I wish someone would have explained what is in this paper to me earlier. It would have been easier. The magical peace of mind I feel at being self actualized every waking moment could have started earlier.

You are God and there is no reason to have an after life, for long anyway. Let me explain. If after life exists, every consciousness or soul if you will, may have three choices available.
1 - Play again at life back on this side, or some side other than the after life, and leave the after life.
2 - Not ever play again and just forever be in the after life for ever more.
3 - Be able to play again and also still be in the after life somehow, but still not be able to see past death, if you could the other side would not exist as there is no death.


Let us for now assume the answer is to play again. Three things can happen.
1 - They choose what to be, snail, human, vulcan, etc. They get to choose what, where, and when.
2 - They don't get to choose anything, it is uncertain in all known reality.
3 - Some other after life consciousness or God chooses why, where, what. I wish I could believe this one but I do not. Do you think Bin Laden will end up the next 1,000 lives as some vegetarian pet fish always in the worst possible pet tank where life sucks and he could not affect any other consciousness so bad again? Justice? I doubt it. I don't think it works that way.

The after life does not make a lot of sense unless, you visit there after death, check it out and exist with those you miss for a while, and play again. You would not want to stay.

You can play these logic games until you are blue in the face. I have spent years. I make Medievia every day and I think it may have made me a little nuts.

Is it ok to have these thoughts? Would God object? Would your religion? Why?

Is it ok for man to attempt to use logic to get close to God? Is it evil? I am just a man. I am just like you. Are we different you and I? No, you and I are the same.

We are surely on the same conscious level, that or I am in a simulation just for myself and I am communicating to no one but myself right now. If I am, is some other consciousness on the other side is watching or will somehow know about what I am saying?

Lets just agree that you and are of the same conscious level and in the same reality ok? We are both human and in the same universe. I am sure we can surely agree on this. Some of you may not believe some of the stuff I am stating but if you don't believe that we are at the same conscious level in the same universe than what I am stating to you now is part of your simulation and I do not exist. How could you know? How could I know? We can have faith that we are real together.

In the end the leap of faith we make is that we all exist together. You are real and I am real.

You are God. I am God. God is all.

You can either trust me or spend the days, years, or decades it takes to work it out yourself logically. You are God.

If you believe in the after life or not, the answers are the same, even there in the after life. Can you say that there are souls on the other side that were never conscious in this or another reality? If you do then they are either in the same boat we are in, wondering what is next, but in another space-time, or the after life is just one consciousness, God.

No matter how you look at it, when you follow the logic further and further you find the one true path. God is everything, including all consciousness in this or any reality, and the after life would just be another reality. If the after life is made from atoms or not, it does not matter. All that matters is the soul, consciousness.

Here we are, mattering. We are conscious. Most people would say having a soul means the after life exists. I do not say that. I say we exist and we are God, and there is no need for an after life.

I suggest everyone work out all of the logical permutations themselves. I am certain others feel the same way I do and knew this stuff before me. I am sure there must be a book out about this somewhere, in parts or whole. Is my perspective unique? To be honest I do not know, I surely hope not.

Logic says that you have three choices.
1 - Do your own thinking about God.
2 - Have faith in some religion and give up logical thought.
3 - Believe me and see the truth for yourself without a whole lot of your own thinking.

Many people fight logic. Would it be easier to let someone else do the thinking? Who? Did the prophets of our various religions think it through or did God talk to them and tell them? If so, why did God talk clearly to them and not you? When God spoke to them, was God logical?

Religions exist because it is indeed easier to listen to someone else. It is easier to listen to your parents about life. It was easier for them as well, which is the Flaw. It is easier to just assume someone you judge to be smarter than you have the answers than to doing your own thinking. Just like it is easier using the light bulb without understanding the photons, using fire without understanding energy, reading this text without knowing the history behind the language and every word we use.

Ok, so some of you say logic may not have anything to do with it. I say that is crazy. You cannot have consciousness without logic. What would happen? You could never know for sure. It would be like Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy when they use the improbability drive. You could be reading this and just turn into a banana for no known reason. Logic exists because it must, and it is the most important thing God gave us. We have logic so we don't need to be afraid.

Would God want us to resist logic? No. Do religions? They have to or they would not last long. Luckily I think that they are fighting a losing battle. If this world made no logical sense it would be easier for them, like in the past. Think about what happened to Galileo or countless other free thinkers in the past.

I am stating that not only does God not wish us to give up logic, but if there were some book of God commandments, there would be just one rule needed, let logic guide you. Nothing else is needed. Anything else would make God more flawed than we could hope right? Anything else means God needs psychotherapy because we are like some mad Gods twisted experiment where logic cannot be relied on. It would be a place where one has to be afraid of the dark all the time. God can do better, here we are existing in a perfectly logical reality.

I am not saying don't follow your heart, or don't play the lottery because logically it makes no mathematical sense to do it. I am saying that logic tells us not to cause sadness, don't affect other consciousness in a bad way, don't wreck the balance of nature. Logic is all we need as far as guidance.

Does a logical man love? Yes very much so. In StarTrek we have the character Spock who is a purely logical being who tries to give up emotion at all times. He chooses to save the star ship but the only way to do it is to die in a few moments, as this happens he tells his friend Captain Kirk, ‘The needs of the many out way the needs of the few, or the one. It is logical.'. You can have tons of heart and tons of logic, they mix perfectly.

The fact is, out of this purely logical view comes a purely romantic view, the most romantic view possible, that we are God enjoying life. Can you feel it?

Let us get back to God. Logic says God would not need to be worshiped, acknowledged, talked to, prayed to, or need a hug from everyone, right?. God would need nothing from us is we are not God. God would need almost nothing from anything except one thing.

God would logically need almost nothing, but there is one thing God would need.

Here is the crux of the matter. The one thing God would need.

God would need to not be God all the time. God would also want to be forever on the inside as well as the outside. God would not even have a choice if God is everything, which is perfect for all involved, inside or outside time. Perfect except for the one Flaw needed, the original sin.

God would want to exist, to live to do all of those things, to hug, to be born, to die, to love. God would want to play the game.

Here we find our self playing, and all of this makes perfect sense, logically.

There is one true path to finding God. All that is needed is for you to open your heart and mind to what is sacred, you, your consciousness, your soul, your spark of God that gives you consciousness.

You are God, we are all God. We are made in the image of God.

I understand that many religions would call me a sinner for saying this. They have to understand that I am saying the sinner is spreading false truths, religions.

I understand there are billions of humans on the Earth that feel closer to God because of their religious beliefs. They have to understand that I am saying to truly feel close to God, you need to look within. When you find God within and take your own logical journey and end up believing the same stuff, not only do you feel closer to God with your heart and soul, but you are at peace with the feeling, totally at peace with it, in your heart and your logical mind.

I know without a doubt that God is enjoying life as the spark of my soul, and yours, and every consciousness in all of reality. You are God. Just as you may truly believe in your religion, I truly believe this. I believe it and feel it and gain so much from it that I know that there will never be someone or something that will make me feel otherwise.

It is logical, and just as important it feels so perfectly right. Would God not want us to feel divine? Would God want us to feel less than sacred?

Here are the very last logical questions I will ask. With these questions I ask you to not only think about them attempting pure logic, but to also spend time and think about them with your heart and soul. Spend as much time with each question as it takes to form your own opinion using everything you know about our God given reality that you find in front of you. Try not to go to the next question until you understand your own feelings. If you feel the pressure of your belief system in the way, ignore it. If that is a sin and this paper does nothing for you, just ask for forgiveness in what ever way your belief system requires. It is ok to be open minded, even if just for an hour right?

Here we go. The end of this paper is here, again please don't read these next questions. Spend as much time is needed to work it out for yourself, on what you feel is your answer and thus your belief.

Would God want to be close to us or far away from us in some heaven place where perhaps we will be close to God in some other time and reality?

Would God want to share in what we experience during our lives, or be indifferent?

Would God want to be as close to us as possible, or further away than that perfect closeness possible?

Is God everything? Are we outside of God?

Is God happy or sad or no emotions? Does God simply feel everything? Does God feel nothing?

Are you outside of God and not worthy of sharing your life with God as God not seeing past death?

Are you not worthy of God until a test is complete and you are judged to be allowed to an after life for all eternity, or possibly that God would want some of us to spend an eternity in sadness in hell?

You are God enjoying life.

These are the truths as I see them.

These truths are not a religion, they are the end of religion.

These truths can help end of the Flaw.

It is my hope that these truths set you free in an all new way and that they combat your other belief system with all of God's heart and logic. Peace of mind and heart and the ability to enjoy every moment self actualized and happy with those around you truly is amazing. It is wonderful. It is everything anyone could ever ask for.

Go to the person that you are closest to in love and sharing. Let them read this paper or another like it. Spend a few weeks getting used to the idea. Look into their eyes as they look into yours. What do you see? What do you feel between each other? After spending a week trying to see if these ideals fit your soul, look into everyone's eyes and what do you see? When you look into someone's eyes and you do not see God, give them this paper or another like it. Wait a week. Look again.

If you do not feel God inside of you, will you spend any emotional risk and logical thought on trying to under stand what you do feel? Will you?

If you do not feel God inside of you just as I am stating in every way, is it because of your previous belief system? What if your parents and their parents and their parents, and go on for 100+ generations if you want, what if they believed in one of the other religions? What if you were born in another place that practices another religion? Would you feel different? Would you believe in that other religion? Does your Flaw fight any such simple thoughts?

If you do not feel God inside of you just as I am stating in every way, what if you were born and your parents and their parents and their parents, and add as many generations as you feel is needed, what if they lived their lives believing in this one true path? Would you feel different? Would their world have been better, or would it be worse, or would it be the same? Would they be happier? Would they be more sane? Would they be closer to each other? Would they be closer to God? Would they be closer to God than you are right now?

Does logic make sense? Does listening to your inner soul make sense?

If you do not see God when you look into the eyes of another consciousness, do you believe I am right and you are Flawed, and that could be the reason?

To those that are calling me an atheist I say to you that you could not be further from the truth. I am an anti-atheist. I believe in God fully, absolutely, entirely, intimately, romantically, logically, and thoroughly. I do not know how anyone could feel closer to God than I do, but I know anyone can feel as close. I truly embrace God all out and feel God inside and through every breath I take. I have been released of the Flaw and I feel more bliss than almost anyone I know. I feel God inside me captivated by life, my life and your life.

I love you all. I truly do. I do not mean you any harm, in any way, ever, regardless of your future or previous beliefs. I truly do love you, right now, as you read this and forever. It is ok if you wish to just say I am a fool and never read this paper again. It is truly ok if you never give this paper another thought. I am just asking for the same respect as any man trying to share happiness, even if you think me a fool.

I understand that who ever reads this paper probably has just two choices, to end up believing the same thing or to call me a fool. I understand that many people will surely call me a fool.

The Flaw is indeed everywhere. Trust me, I do understand that all too much. I think we all understand that entirely too much.

I realized that I do not care who calls me a fool the same moment I realized that not only do I want to explain these beliefs to my children, but I should try to have as many people as possible read about them, or something similar written by someone else.

I realized that I should try to write this paper and share it with people outside of my family the moment I realized that not everyone would call me a fool at all.

I am not alone in my beliefs. I am with God with everyone and others will feel the joy of life that I feel every moment. When I realized that I could not help it. I started to cry.

Before the first tear dried, I started to write this paper. It is my hope that others will write theirs. Lets stand-up against the Flaw through love and understanding.

Release yourself to talk about this one true path to others and share your feelings, your logic, and your heart. Share this paper if you do not wish to write your own. The more people who start standing up to the Flaw, the better chance we have at truly doing Gods will. If we don't, the Flaw will go on, and on, and on, through laziness and complacency, in the face of God.

If this paper helps you please share it with others.

If you think I am a fool, try to spend some time re-reading the paper, write down what I have wrong, and email me at vryce@medievia.com with the subject of 'flawed'.

I love you all.

I would say may God be with you, but I know that God is, so let me say may you be with God instead.


P.S. This paper as it is now released for the first time on Christmas day 2006 years after the death of Jesus has not been proof-read, and surely contains grammar errors. Not only that but, I am sure many talented writers could do a much better job. It is my hope many do so, and that they share their writings. Let the truths of the one true path and plan of God rain from above for all to see. Use the Internet or any other power you have to spread the word of truth and happiness. Share with your children, your friends, and anyone you can. Share the happiness, share the sacred adventure of life as God.