Novices of the Realm

Upon reaching level 26, you will no longer be allowed to enroll in the New Adventurers Guild. However, you will be able to enroll in Novices of the Realm, commonly called the novice clan. It is open to all players levels 26 to 123.

Tips for being in the novice clan
  1. Do not use all CAPITALS to talk. This is similar to yelling, and you will be asked to stop.
  2. Do not curse, bash other players, or break the rules. Read HELP RULES to make sure you understand what type of behavior is permitted on Medievia.
  3. If someone cannot help you, please don't spam the channel.
  4. Unless it is for emergencies, do not use pray as a way of asking general questions about the game. Ask avatars and ask everyone on the novice clan channel.
  5. The avatars selected for the novice clan are the most dedicated of the avatars; they are not members of other clans as the avatars on the newbie clan channel are. The avatars in the novice clan play primarily to help members of the novice clan.

Commands for the novice clan
  • Clanwhere is disabled for player in CPK in the novice clan. This is so experienced players cannot see who is in CPK. Feel free to discuss your location over the clan channel, but be aware that there are risks involved.
  • clanwho 100 - This command works just as it does with the newbie clan (50) or any other clan.
  • To talk on the novice clan or any clan, type "clan" followed by your message, then hit enter. For example: clan Hi, I'm new! :)
  • If you aren't keeping up with all the talking and ranting on the clan channel, you can either type NEWBIE to leave, or type CLAN OFF to get a break from the clan talk. Just type CLAN ON or NEWBIE again to rejoin the conversation.

What can I do in the novice clan?

   Everything! Here are some popular options:
  • Gather eggs from the Catacombs - The most expansive and exciting feature of the game, the Catacombs provide a challenge to new players and old players alike. Can you collect enough eggs for the great wizard Marious? Will you help him fight for the land of Medievia?

  • Go to sea on a ship - Lurking beneath the surface is a giant violet serpent, following your trail of meat that you chum over the larboard rail. Its three heads emerge, and you order your deckhands to fire. The serpent is hit! Can you collect fae for your clan? And gold for your pockets?

  • Form with those in town on a trade run - A nice, relaxing walk through the countryside with your covered wagon. Packed with pearls, the wagon rattles as it follows you swiftly. Seemingly appearing from nowhere, twelve fierce centaurs surround you and your freight, and they're closing in fast. Can you protect your freight and make it to your destination? And if you make it, will you make a profit?

  • Gather a group to gain experience faster - It gets lonely trekking through Ryvaera or NaeraMae by yourself. Ask some town members to join you. Not only will you make new friends, you will have strength in numbers — and you get more experience points in groups, too!

  • Brave a dragon's lair - Assuming you sold those pearls earlier, you might have a map to a dragon's lair hanging around. Sure, the edges might be charred a bit, and the map might be written in an unfortunate adventurer's own blood, but a challenge is a challenge, right? Can you get enough people to best a dragon?

  • Learn the ropes of player killing, NPK *and* CPK - Medievia offers something for everyone, and it's perhaps most visible in the intricate player-killing system. Don't get discouraged when another player kills you — get revenge. In CPK, the risks are great, but the rewards are, too. Loot another player's favorite dagger and use it as your own.

  • Compete against other towns in town games - Can you keep up? Put your skills to the test against established towns. Race to an experience goal, play a game of tug of war with egg points or autoquest points, trade until you know the route by heart, and beat the other town ... if you can!

  • Explore the game through autoquests - As Multi-Level Requirements become something you need to achieve in later levels, autoquests are a fun way to complete one of the MLR requirements. And with a clan of like-level players, you can find help with most any quest.

  • Much more - Have you heard about another great feature on Medievia? Odds are it's more fun to do with a clan. Join the novice clan if you're not ready to join an established clan yet (though we do strongly encourage finding your niche!) and find out what makes clans such good support systems. You're likely to make new friends, too!

You can type SHOWCLAN 100 to see which god currently leads Novices of the Realm.

Are you just beginning? The New Adventurers Guild is a similar clan, but it is geared toward beginning players under level 26.

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