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Every clan in Medievia has its own distinct flavor. No two clans are the same, and we'd like to give you, the player, a chance to express yourself and promote your clan. We are setting up a chance for each clan to describe itself on Medweb.

The leader of each clan (coleader will suffice in the case of leader inactivity) is invited to send in the information below for the world and potential members to see. This is your chance to reach the entire game and tell everyone what your clan stands for. It will be the responsibility of each leader to keep us informed of any significant changes to the nature of their clan. The in-depth clan spotlight interviews will be linked from the relevant clan's page.

The suggested topics that you should fill are as follows:

Clan Information

  • Leader:

  • Coleader:

  • Typical Clan Activities:

  • Typical Activity Times:

  • Three Words to Describe the Clan:

  • Clan Mission Statement:

  • Clan Webpage URL:

Recruitment Information

  • Entry Requirements:

  • Recruitment Contact:

Past Leaders

  • Name:

  • Dates:

Feel free to add anything else that is relevant to your clan, though we would prefer concise entries. Submissions to this section should be emailed or mudmailed to Soleil. Be adventurous and honest, but remember that you are representing both the game and your clan.

A sample Clanpage can be viewed here. reserves the right to edit any entry as deemed necessary.

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