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Circle of Clouds and Rain

Clan Information

  • Leader: Solaria

  • Coleader: Melindra

  • Typical Clan Activities: We often have several activites that happen in our clan and town. We run metamorph a lot, and are sometimes doing dragonlairs or EQ runs. As far as experience goes, please do not beg your townies to lead an exp form for you. If you want the exp, then take the initiative and lead the form.

  • Typical Activity Times: We have pretty good coverage of most time zones, but many people are on between 1pm and 12 midnight Pacific. IE, 3pm and 3am Eastern.

  • Three Words to Describe the Clan: Loyalty, Independence, Friendship

  • Longer Description of the Clan: The Circle of Clouds and Rain is out here to help new players get a good introduction into the game. We are willing to help you out whenever we can, but we also like teaching you. Independence is a must, but don't be afraid to ask for help. We want to help people become capable of providing for themselves instead of depending on their clan, town, and friends.

  • Clan Webpage URL:

Recruitment Information

  • Entry Requirements: You can be enrolled into the clan based on two simple requirements:
    1. Be active. This doesn't mean once a day or once a week, it means make progress on your character
    2. Don't curse.  We don't like people who will be swearing on our towns public channels a lot.

  • Recruitment Contact: Solaria, Accipiter, Aethilus, Daword, Darcet, Sunka, Xiqus, Kwahkrad, Volbris, Terson, Kelevance, Raiqe, Larah, Allastar, Aedaline, Zeqi, Thaddeus, Sior, Melindra, Frastoriel

Past Leaders

None, formed Feb 23, 2003 by Solaria.

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Updated: 3rd June 2006

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