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New Adventurer's Guild

Clan Information

  • Leader: Asril

  • Coleader: Syltheana

  • Typical Clan Activities: Gods, Avatars and new players are here to give each other advice, tips and help about the game in general. You can often find an experienced player assisting you with trade runs, experience, chatter and even trivia games. You're welcome to stay until level 25 - use clan 50 as a building block for yourself!

  • Typical Activity Times: All hours, every day, every night. There are always new players online as well as several Gods, Goddesses and AVATARS to assist you!

  • Three Words to Describe the Clan: Educational! Fun! Busy!

  • Longer Description of the Clan: Our clan has been in Medievia for many years and will never cease to exist. We thrive on running games for newbies, announcing special parties in newbie-type zones, and giving as much help as possible to new players. The game will only allow you stay in the clan until level 25, so please ask questions and gain all the knowledge you can. You have currently 124 levels to gain until you're a HERO, so this is only a small portion of your player's gameplay but it is one that you will remember the most.

  • Clan Webpage URL:

Recruitment Information

  • Entry Requirements: Anyone levels 2 through 25 can join! Type NEWBIE to toggle your enrollment.

  • Recruitment Contact: None needed!

    You can type NEWBIE to join and remove. You can type CLAN OFF to take a break from the busy clan chatterings. Type CLAN ON again to join the conversation.

Past Leaders

  • Name: Prae

  • Dates: 1 Sept 2001 to 9 July 2002

  • Name: Caeraela

  • Dates: 11 Nov 1999 to 1 Sept 2001

Maintained By: Kimetan
Updated: 3rd June 2006

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