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Lords of Discipline

Clan Information

  • Leader: Quonsie

  • Coleader: Florette

  • Typical Clan Activities: Just about anything and everything, except CPK. We have a well-rounded mix of people who like to do a lot of different things.

  • Typical Activity Times: Mid-afternoon through late evening, around 4pm until past midnight game time.

  • Three Words to Describe the Clan: Friendly, fun, family.

  • Longer Description of the Clan: This clan has been a lot of different things over the years, but at the present time our focus is on keeping things fun for everyone and helping each other out with the things we all want to accomplish. Whether it's helping a new player figure out how to finish a quest or get some eggs for his MLR, putting together XP forms, exploring a new zone, delving into a dragon lair, or simply cheering for someone when they get a new medal, we try to do it all and do it together as friends.

  • Clan Webpage URL: None

Recruitment Information

  • Entry Requirements: Must be an active player, interested in learning more about the world of Medievia and becoming better at playing the game. Heroes and new players alike are all welcome as long as they are here to have fun.
  • Enrollment Contacts: Quonsie, Tagetes, Ghoti, Krage, Dervel, Rowe, Heitinalonish, Florette, Michan, Marielle, Zankleeta, Astoril

Past Leaders

Originally founded by Dragos when clans first became the "newest" feature of Medievia many years ago, the Lords of Discipline has been handed down through a long line of successive leaders over the years. As the second oldest clan still in the game today, we have been many things over the years. From a CPK clan to a power clan to drama-central, clan 20 has seen it all, even spending a period of time as an almost forgotten "dead" clan. The current leader, Mandroth, inherited the clan from Jabae in April 2003, and has stayed focused on rebuilding the clan as a place where people committed to having fun can feel like they are part of a family, which the current membership feels has been done very successfully.

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