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The White Rose

Clan Information

  • Leader: Marshall

  • Coleader: Eloria

  • Typical Clan Activities: We engage in any activity that strikes our fancy, the only thing we frown upon is pking newbies.

  • Typical Activity Times: Our peak hours are pretty much during the afternoon/evening USA time. Although we are also active in the early mornings to some extent.

  • Three Words to Describe the Clan: Integrity, Honor, Loyalty

  • Longer Description of the Clan: The White Rose is a clan that is in its rebirth. After a long period of idleness, a group of people from The Black Rose decided it needed neighbors. We are trying to make this into the clan it used to be, in the dawning of Medievia. We have a little of everything to offer everyone - from the newer player, just learning this awesome game, to the veteran, who is looking for some place that can use his knowledge. We welcome all and don't ask for much in return. All we want is people who truly love Medievia, and who know what the definition of friend is.

  • Clan Webpage URL:

Recruitment Information

  • Entry Requirements: The White Rose has very easy requirements to enroll. All we ask is that you are
    an active player. We discourage alts, as we are not a retirement home, although and active alt can be welcome. We take all levels, and all skills.

  • Recruitment Contact: Marshall, Mahres, Kyriska, Gasuyina, Artindoril, Sharush, Zandyr, Dnomyar, Xeric, Ganso, Kalaedria, Asnita, Crof, Chremeez, Komaye, Bremen, Ensador, Kestelbon, Eloria, Zaaxura, Konghian, Clarisa, Jerdi, Piperko, Rex, Kansea, Ensankring, Nuada, Reath, Aravimet, Kyiada, Cantyr, Daewnne, Viros, Eoghan, Naz, Saris, Aerys, Nakishka, Roleena, Mutresko, Frykier, Sandokan, Rialore, Mera, Treycin, Gwendilyn, Mynna

Past Leaders

No past leadership information provided.

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Updated: 3rd June 2006

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