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The Order of the Silver Crescent

Clan Information

  • Leader: Koin

  • Coleader: Rohannon

  • Typical Clan Activities: Ships, XP sometimes, occasionally town EQ runs, but mainly ships now.

  • Typical Activity Times: Typically evening EST.

  • Three Words to Describe the Clan: Accepting, Social, Funny?

  • Longer Description of the Clan: We just want people to have a good time.

  • Clan Webpage URL: None.

Recruitment Information

  • Entry Requirements: Be somewhat active. Be a people person. Know that we aren't the most active
    people in the game, but we find time to do stuff.

  • Recruitment Contact: Koin, Jamila, Sionell, Ceserino, Drakie, Magsie, Rohannon, Kiazer, Aed, Caden, Edulc, Kilander, Lum, Lae, Sae, Ansae, Seleta, Tasiara

Past Leaders

  • Name: Alaethe

  • Dates: Not specified

  • Name: Rohannon

  • Dates: Not specified

  • Name: Rohannon

  • Dates: 5 Jan 2002 to 11 Oct 2003

  • Name: Juven

  • Dates: Unknown to 5 Jan 2002

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Updated: 3rd June 2006

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