As you play Medievia it gets more fun not less. It is an odd thing and we explain it so you are ready. You cannot just start Medievia and try it for a few hours. You have to be born and learn to play. It will take a few days before you start to feel jacked into the game because there is so much to learn at first.

Imagine a great game that takes player ideas, implements them, and grows and continues to evolve for over 20 years. Imagine how deep that game is. There is much to learn because over the past 20 years there have been many good ideas! It is all here. The whole world is modeled and alive: live weather, wind, catastrophes, earthquakes, even your breath is a gameplay feature.

You can take ships out to sea. You can fly on dragons. You can trade via covered wagon or mule and take part of our truly player-driven supply and demand economy. You can take part in tons of different player vs. player adventures. You can join a clan and a town. You can give birth and create your own bloodline. Your character in Medievia can do anything that you can imagine as it has all been programmed in over the years. You eat, you sleep, you can make a campfire. There are town games, god-run quests, autoquests. You can try to be a MasterHero, or a DragonHunter, SerpentHunter, Avatar, Governor, Mayor, Clan leader. We cannot even list all of the features here as it would look pretty ridiculous.

Do you dare enter a world of unlimited fantasy and adventure?