You will never feel like you know it all. You will never get to everywhere. You will never have to wish your game would make this one change that everyone knows is for the best. We make those changes every day. We will do it non-stop, forever. You even vote every month to elect the Governor and Mayor who can really make sure the players' wishes are what management pays attention to.

Unlike other games, here you can talk to the people who run the game. You can simply speak to the owner, coders, builders, and other management. Since Medievia is pure text and pure chat, we are all connected instantly to each other.

As you play, you begin to feel more and more jacked in. It is unlike any feeling a game will have given you. The feeling grows and grows as you begin to get a grip on the depth of the game. Most games have the peak fun hit just one day into the game and then the fun drops off. At Medievia the fun increases every day you play and learn, and continues to do that for years and years. One problem is that it takes a few days to get control of your character and learn the basics.

I have never experienced anything like that.