Players that learn the game and reach higher levels are playing a game much different than lower levels. They have learned most of the important commands and no longer think about using them. They are jacked in.

At any one point they can be knee deep in a tasty adventure somewhere with friends. During the adventure as they cast spells, explore, and do the normal controlling of their player, they are also chatting with the friends in the formation. They are chatting on their clan channel, town channel, immortal channel, bloodline channel, etc. They are JACKED IN and happy!

It takes a while to get there so have patience. When you were young it took many books before you noticed that you can read and be in the book while forgetting you are reading. It is easy to lose oneself in a movie, at first it is hard to lose oneself in Medievia because there is much for your brain to learn.

Whew. What now?