You have been prepped and prepared for Medievia. We apologize for having to explain it so drastically but we have found that it is hard for people to accept that a text game can be all that we say. Until the upcoming 'Pets' feature comes in where your first pet can guide you in the process, you are nearly all on your own. This is the largest and most feature rich game ever made and possibly ever will be made. It is like stepping into an alternate universe!

It is a text game, yes. You must have faith that your remarkable human brain will fill in more detail then graphic programmers are capable of. You must have faith that gameplay and player interaction is what is fun, and that here you will find more gameplay, more player interaction, and more fun than any game you have played before.

Do you want real friends to play with any time you want? Can you learn to control the most detailed characters ever made? Can you feel your way around the most in-depth game world ever made? Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

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