Yes, Medievia is a game unlike any you have found. It is much more than a game. These following statements are true. We dare anyone to prove them wrong.

Medievia is the largest game in the world when it comes to features.

Medievia is the biggest game in the world when it comes to original areas to explore.

Medievia is the most detailed game ever made in all of human history.

It is all pure gameplay for the mind. It is a game that will never go away. It is as forever as the written word and there will never be any new slick graphics that will ever replace the written word. The truth is being a text game has incredible advantages.

Since the whole game is run server-side, you will never have to download any updates. The game is simply better every day you log in. How is that for easy?.

Do you want to create a new area for the game? Writing words and making base variables for equipment and monsters is 1,000 times easier and faster than needing all of the graphics and sounds, and just as entertaining if done right.

What does it cost?