Villa Ohala

Designed by Asclepius
  • Rooms: 260
  • Lifespan: 40 minutes
  • Type: LPK / NPK / CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 17-22
  • Small Groups: 20-25
  • Large Groups: 26-31

  • Keia giggled with excitement. She couldn't believe all the luck and fun she had been having recently; ever since the fat lady had met her that day near the edge of town, she got to see the most amazing and wondrous things. Packing up her belongings in a sack for another night of wonder, she gazed over to the object resting on her bed. The piece of dark glass hummed on its own, gleaming with a dark light.

    She wasn't sure why she took it. When the fat lady had shown it to her, she suddenly felt a driving complusion: she must have it. Last night she had stolen it when the fat lady wasn't paying attention. Picking it up and turning it over in her hand, she felt a rush of energy course through her. Keia had never felt anything like it in her life. After a moment's hesitation, she stuffed the shard into her sack and took off into the night.


    The young mother gazed out the window, nervous and worried. Where had her daughter gone? She had, under no uncertain terms, warned her about going out by herself, especially with how so many of the townspeople were acting lately. Her eyes rested on a old woman, cutting herself with a jagged knife. As blood appeared from the wounds, the mother couldn't help but shiver. She hoped, against all reason, that her daughter was somewhere safe.


    The denizens of Ohala were once plagued with crime and violence, and desperately sought out a solution for their ills. They blamed their problems on the negative emotions that existed in the natures of people, and believed that the removal of these emotions would create a harmonious, peaceful place to live. Powerful mages worked to bind the emotions thought most dangerous in objects and seal them away forever. Additionally, they cut the town off from the outside world, thinking that external influences would be too difficult to control.

    After a few years, their experiment had been working with only mild success. The mages of Ohala determined that the objects that held the vices were not powerful enough to completely contain the evils, and realized that only human beings possessed that capacity. Several of the leaders volunteered to sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole town, while others were selected by lots. Taking the cursed objects, they sealed themselves within the large villa at the edge of town, never to be seen again.

    This solution worked for years, and the citizens lived in peace for generations. Recently, however, small manifestations of negative emotions began to appear throughout the town. Realizing that these powers would soon run rampant, the leaders decided to open Ohala once again to the outside world, pleading for help with the chaos they had brought upon themselves.


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