Medievia is proud to announce the release of our brand new website! Many thanks and kudos to Vawin, the winner of our web design contest and Medievia’s new Website Designer. Thanks are also due to Vryce for his coding skills and Lindae, Kimetan, Aewen, Excrucior, and all the other gods and mortals who helped as we asked questions along the way. This was truly a grand undertaking, but it’s finished, and it’s beautiful!

New to the Website

All of the content from the old Medievia website is included in the new one. We have also added a few new things and plan on adding more Live information from the game in the near future.

The new additions and changes to the website are…
  • Graphics & color scheme
  • Left menu system
  • Top Menu system
  • News boxes on the main page
  • PLAY NOW on the top menu
  • How to Play section- a Mini Tour of Medievia
  • Contact Us page

We need your help!

We ask you to explore the new site and when doing so, be on the lookout for glitches and errors. If you encounter anything that you think is wrong or should be changed, please email

Long Live Medievia!