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June 21, 2001

Dying of the Light - By Vetorn

When the dragon Zeksagmak died I was more upset than pleased. Zek, as he was affectionately called, was more than an unbeatable creature. He stood for the ideal of a constant factor in the equation of an ever-changing world. Every time I typed 'dragonlair' he was there like the old comfortable pair of slippers that you use in the dead of winter. The soles have grown thin and have outlived their usefulness, but are kept and cherished because of the memories you have of wearing them in previous winters. You may ask how can you liken a mean horrible creature that has killed so many to a pair of slippers? Well for me the game is a challenge that must be lived to be enjoyed.

When I had heroed I immediately made a bloodline character to continue the struggle I had done to achieve that status to build something from nothing. Part of that struggle was to enter a lair and test my mettle against one of the most formidable creatures in the game and fall short, hoping one day to defeat it. Now my bloodline and new players will not have that challenge or initiation into the futility of facing a far superior creature. In the future there may be a dragon that escapes the Dragon hunters of Medievia, but it will not be Zek! Zek was the first legendary dragon whose very name will bring up memories that can not be described in mere words. Many will try to explain to newer players that Zek was a great dragon, but they will never know because they have not faced him. It would be like describing the sunset to a blind man or Mozart to the deaf. You can have all the detail you want, but until it is lived the sensation and grandeur can never be realized.

On the day of his death I participated and went into his lair three times to die and eventually be resurrected. The main reason I went was to see all the failed attempts and be part of the death count for one of the most highly cooperative ventures Medievia has ever seen. I never really thought Zek would die, I thought this undertaking was doomed before it even started. The part of my heart that keeps things sacred winced when I heard Zek had died. In disbelief I thought someone had done a trick and roomed the message of his demise, yet from all around the clantown cheers were shouted. On my clan and town channels congratulations were given and not even a moment of silence was dedicated to the greatest opponent the realm has ever known. A few minutes later I camped and quit the game with my newest dragon points mocking me for the role I took in killing part of the magic that Zek embodied.

The story does not end here, on Tuesday April 17, 2001 I logged on and checked the command Dragonlair to see how many dragons were left and got the message.

Iavok Ruby 0034 000013 00000049652 CORPSE 0001 Lairs
Myrdau Green 0016 000055 00000141266 CORPSE 0001 Lairs
Kiabyr Black 0004 000056 00000107009 CORPSE 0001 Lairs
Magzowgoth Blue 0014 000033 00000080936 CORPSE 0001 Lairs

All the dragons were dead and none to carry on Zek’s tradition. This for me is the beginning of a new era in Medievia and makes me wonder what challenges the game will now hold for us now that a part of the magic died when Froto struck the last blow that extinguished the beacon of light that was Zeksagmak.

In Mourning,
Vetorn Drachenfels {CoD}


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