Medievia Mudslinger

November 19, 2000

Rapscallion's Thematic Competition - By Rapscallion

The song below is a Medievia-themed song written by Rapscallion. He has withheld the title to propose a competition. He dares you to find the name and singer of the original song, the one the song below is based on. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing to take place on Sunday, November 26th. The prize for completing this task is ONE MILLION GOLD!! Rapscallion will take all entries at Please include your Medievian name as well as "Competition Entry" as your Subject. To enter the drawing, the answer must contain both the original title and the name of the author. Do not Mudmail him entries, and do not send any entries to Soleil!

Hints: The original song is by a popular modern beat combo from the 1980s, the album this was taken from was recorded in the spring of 1989. There's quite a catchy little tune to the chorus and the group itself has the initials "T.V." - that's all the help you'll get.

Again, the winner will be decided by Sunday, November 26th, 2000.

Good luck to all!

Many times I've run this lair,
Losing almost all my hair,
Near ev'ry time I venture in.
Through the tunnels we must fight,
Wishing there was much more light,
It's a fray that we will never win.
Things just should not be this way,
I should be off in PK,
But I'm here, rushing to my fate.

Hot flame of Zeks you sear me,
Hot flame of Zeks I fear thee,
Hot flame you take from me my breath.
Hot flame of Zeks you keep churning,
Hot flame of Zeks you keep burning,
And I am charging to my death.

Hot flame of Zeks...

I huddle close inside the form,
Knowing that this lair's too warm,
There's lots of guards to strike us dead.
We scan around for the right way,
Only fighting guards that we must slay,
I wish I was still home in bed.
My hit points are too low,
My movement's just gone slow,
Zeks is waiting next right door for me.
That fire of Zeks,
That will soon fry me,
Pumped with power from his pecs,
That fire of Zeks.

Hot flame of Zeks you sear me,
Hot flame of Zeks I fear thee,
Hot flame you burn from me my soul.
Hot flame of Zeks I keep quailing,
Hot flame my sanc keeps on failing,
And I end up as burnt charcoal.
Hot flame of Zeks,
Of Zeks,
Of Zeks,
Of Zeks,
Of Zeks.