Medievia Mudslinger

February 14, 2004

You Know You've Fallen in Med Love When... by Zakes

  1. You begin to breathe heavily every time he/she changes equipment modes.

  2. You *always* love what your significant other's wearing.

  3. Actually, you don't really care what he/she's wearing, because your love always looks good.

  4. You've used the idea command on more than one occasion to complain that there should be a new multi-level-requirement: Love Points.

  5. You are thoroughly convinced if there were Love Points, your clan would be ranked first.

  6. You beg Vryce to implement [In Love] tags.

  7. You opt for a picnic with your instead of a 2000 profit-per-room trade-run to Naera Mae.

  8. You spend more time with him/her than you do polishing your Bloodstone EQ.

  9. Even blindfolded, you can list the stat every item your love is wearing, down to the tweak.

  10. Your love's presence eases more pain than a well-cast Cure Critical.

  11. You draw a picture of your love in ASCII text.

  12. You have more than one trigger alerting you to whether or not your love logs on Medievia, AIM, MSN, or ICQ.

  13. You have another trigger that auto-checks every twenty seconds to see if your love is online, just in case any of the above triggers fail.

  14. You trip over everything in your room to get to the computer when a trigger goes off.

  15. You've sent your love both of the Valentine's Day greetings.

  16. The last time you went to the flowers and cards store, the clerk rolled her eyes and asked: "Again?"

  17. The clerk allows you to run up a tab for your cards and flowers.

  18. The clerk politely informs you that Medievia has only so many wildflowers.

  19. You're on a first-name basis at the flowers and cards shop, and you've even got your own mug there for coffee.

  20. Your new gohome is at the garden in the Acedemy of Braneri.

  21. You have saved logs of every conversation you've ever had with your love.

  22. The logs take up the better portion of your hard drive.

  23. You have the logs backed up on a dedicated partition of your hard drive and floppy disks.


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